Freestanding Stone Resin Basins: The Epitome of Luxury

Whether you are sourcing a practical family room, luxury designer suite or a small cloakroom, selecting the right style of basin is essential. One of the most popular materials used to make sinks with a modern flair is stone resin, also referred to as solid surface, composite stone, cast stone, mineral stone or engineered stone. From modern basins to freestanding stone baths, stone resin bath-ware draw all eyes on them in an instance. Without the hefty price tag but bearing the same gorgeous enamel look, stone resin basins comprise an integral part of luxury bathrooms.

What will make you adore stone resin basins? Below are just some indicative reasons!


1. You will be spoiled for choice

Stone resin basins can be designed in a broad range of colors and styles and be manufactured to meet your precise requirements, unlike other materials that don’t leave much room for inspiration and creativity. This is a huge benefit in the hands of every architect, interior designer, and homeowner that wants to impress and combine comfort, a luxurious feel and, of course, style.

Whether fabricated from slabs or produced by mold, the fact that stone resin basins come in various modern and trendy styles is an added advantage, since they can be matched perfectly with freestanding tubs and modern cabinet furniture and finish off a bathroom’s sleek modern design.


2. Stone resin basins are durable and renewable

Unlike ceramic, the surface of a stone resin basin is not brittle and fragile. And, if any scratches occur, you can easily have it sanded and polished to buff out the scratches and any marks and have your basin looking like brand new again!

That aside, stone resin surfaces can withstand a lot of wear and use. Plus, they retain heat better than acrylic and cast iron, which makes bathroom vanities made from stone resin extremely durable and long-lasting with superior resistance against stains, breakage, and scratching.

lusso-stone-cubix-solid-surface-stone-resin-wall-hung-basin-matt-800-p65-1343_image lusso-stone-cubix-solid-surface-stone-resin-wall-hung-basin-matt-800-p65-1342_image

3. You will not have to worry about bacteria

The quality of the materials used play a vital role in shielding the product against bacteria and mildew that could grow between cracks. Besides having the integrated vanity top and bowl manufactured in any size you wish to match with the cabinets in your bathroom, with a top-notch quality stone resin basin you can expect the bowl and counter top to be seamlessly jointed, too. This will not only make it easy for you to clean the basin but also heave a sigh of relief that bacteria and mildew have no place to grow and pose health risks.

Cheaper stone resin basins are made with inferior resin and use cheap fillers. This makes the surface of the basin turn yellow over time and easy to crack, allowing dirt and water to penetrate the surface and create an inviting environment for bacteria to grow.

However, besides naturally hygienic, stone resin is also hypo-allergenic and UV-resistant!

But, it’s not just the properties mentioned before that will make you fall in love with your stone resin basin. Just run your hands over the marvelous curves and you’ll certainly appreciate stonetech’s tactile experience!

Available in Matt or Polished finish, Lusso Stone’s stylish basins give a head-turning focal point to your bathroom, delivering innovative designs (some of which bearing a striking resemblance to famous designer items that cost many times more!), Italian aesthetics, a long-lasting fresh white tone, and glossy look that are simply intoxicating!

lusso-stone-aura-solid-surface-stone-resin-wall-hung-counter-top-basin-900-p161-1349_image (1) lusso-stone-aura-solid-surface-stone-resin-wall-hung-counter-top-basin-900-p161-1350_image (1)

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  • Darren carter
    May 9, 2017 at 6:32 am

    can you make bespoke basin which sits

    • lussostone
      July 7, 2017 at 10:51 am


      Yes we offer a bespoke service for a lot of our products, please contact our team to discuss your requirements.