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Luxury Icelandic Interior Design – Lusso Talks with Hanna Stina 

Hanna Stina established her interior design practice with a focus to bring unique taste and tailored luxury to every client’s home. The Icelandic interior designer and her signature style exudes many things that Lusso stands for as a brand, including timeless taste and minimalist elegance.

After recently completing her full renovation project on her own house, Hanna Stina tells Lusso how she flipped a 22-year-old dated and run-down property into an outstanding family home. The Nordic home is now treasured for its glamorous elements and completely new life. 

Throughout the home, Hanna has used multiple Lusso fittings, combining a successful range of materials and textures. From our tactile stone and natural marble to expertly crafted stainless steel, the home’s decor was completely stripped and replaced with new, contemporary pieces from the modern Lusso range.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your interior design style?

A: My interior style varies. I love deep colours and different textures on walls and floors. I love marble and exotic stones, and warm metals; I can’t get enough of brushed brass. My style is a bit “glam” if you can put it like that – I love traditional elements mixed with modern accents. 

Q: What was your main aim when reconstructing your home? What did you want to achieve? 

A: I needed it to be warm, modern in style and have character. I needed it to fit 5 people and I wanted a really big kitchen island.

Q: What is the most important factor for you when it comes to interior design?

A: I try to read the room itself as well as understand my clients and their needs. This allows me to design something that fits the relevant space. I find the age of the room matters a lot in the way I approach the style.

Q: Tell us about the full remodel of your bathroom?

A: We totally tore down everything. The only thing that was left was a marble window sill. I needed the toilet to be more or less where it was before and I needed a big walk-in shower. My dream has always been to have a freestanding tub and we also wanted double sinks. So in 8 sqm I managed to fit that all in easily – I had to move the doorframe slightly but it worked out very nicely. I used two 120cm Volini units for the vanity, the Picasso tub was 165cm and was a perfect fit. All the fittings are brass which I love.

Q: How would you describe our products?

A: The bathtub is amazing to lie in. I would recommend the head cushion and it is also very easy to clean. The taps are very nice and the shower head is powerful. The brass texture on the fittings is perfect and works well to complement the marble tiles.

Q: What was it that attracted you to Lusso products? 

A: The style and the short lead time, also the prices are so good. 

Q: Which is your favourite Lusso product you have used?

A: Definitely the freestanding bathtubs  – I buy them again and again for my clients.

Q: How did you find the service with Lusso?

A: Very nice and personal. 

Key products featured in this stunning project include our signature Picasso Stone Bath and Designo Panda Marble Basin, as well as a variety of luxury bathroom fixtures from our brushed gold and matte black collections. These include the Floorstanding Bath Tap, Basin Mixer Tap and Thermostatic Shower alongside smaller accessory pieces such as towel hooks, robe hooks and toilet roll holders.

Hanna Stina is one of Iceland’s greatest and most renowned interior designers and this project is a testament to her beautiful work and design ethic. Head over to the Lusso Instagram to browse more projects like this one and sign up to the Lusso newsletter for news and updates.

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