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How to style a Scandi Bathroom

Scandinavian style is renowned for its combination of minimal lines, neutral colours and natural textures. The Scandi style first came to light in the 1950s thanks to an art exhibition that showcased industrial home furnitures by designers from Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.  Not only does this interior look modern and beautiful, but it’s also practical and versatile, focusing on bringing light into the home and creating space with limited materials and products. 

Minimal Colour Palette

A white colour scheme is often associated with this style, as it creates a clean, contemporary look. Our selection of matte white baths, basins and vanities are the perfect fitting for a Scandinavian bathroom.  The smooth white shade creates a radiant finish, ideal for spaces that lack natural sunlight. Neutral, light tones dominate Scandi designs and have a calming effect that creates an immaculate, warm space. Less is more when it comes to Scandi style, for a simple, sophisticated interior stay away from unnecessary decorations to maintain a classic, clean space. Our signature Picasso Freestanding bath beautifully suits a Nordic style and takes the centre spotlight. Perfect for either end bathing, it truly defines minimalist glamour. 

Natural Wood Decor

Introduce nature into your Scandi design with wooden decor and decorative house plants that perfectly stand out in contrast to a white nordic interior. A wooden element can add a dramatic and bold appearance while still maintaining the clean Scandi aesthetic. It mirrors the typical Nordic environment through the use of natural wooden floors and walls and antique accessories and worn trunks. 

Geometric Pattern

Geometric patterns are a crucial element of Scandinavian design. Tiled ceilings and walls create a beautiful impact on a minimal, Scandi style. Whether it be immaculate white or earthy grey tones. Incorporate geometric tiles into your bathroom for a striking appearance that stands out against a minimal interior.

With a minimal colour palette, natural accessories and hint of geometric pattern you will create the dream Scandi bathroom.

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