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Japandi: The Next Must-Have Design Trend

Japandi is one of the coolest decor trends around, taking inspiration from the traditional elements of Japanese design and the contemporary rustic-vibe of Scandinavian decor. 

In our previous trend blogs, we’ve looked at how to add Japanese design to your bathroom as well as how to channel the incredibly popular Scandi decor style. Merge these two together and you get a seamless blend of minimalism that’s perfect for any modern home. At Lusso, we love seeing the Japandi style used to decorate bathrooms, it lends itself perfectly to the sleek lines and elegance of our baths, basins and hardware and we’re here to teach you how to inject it into your home!

What is Japandi?

In its simplest form, Japandi is a hybrid of two decor styles from different sides of the globe. Although these styles may not seem to be a perfect pairing, they actually share the same principles. Minimalism is key with Japandi, as is focusing on the functional nature of the space without an abundance of decor. Unlike the separate design concepts, the merging of these styles ensures there is variance in texture that wouldn’t be found in Japanese decor and elements of colour that wouldn’t be seen in something quintessentially Scandi. 

What colours should I use in a Japandi bathroom?

This trend is defined by contrast, particularly the cool neutral tones of Scandinavian design and the eye-catching shades using in Japanese decor. The base of any Japandi bathroom is usually a dark variant of a neutral, such as a charcoal grey or black. This dark base is then offset with Nordic elements such as natural woods, light neutral shades and pops of pastel colours. White bathroom furniture such as our freestanding stone baths and basins, work perfectly here. 

What accessories should I put in a Japandi bathroom?

For a concept firmly rooted in minimalism, the accessories you choose in your Japandi bathroom are actually key! Everything should have a purpose in your space, but you can still look for beautiful accent features to add a little individuality to your personal style. 

Taps and other bathroom fittings should be sleek and elegant. Look for wall-mounted designs to maximise surface space and opt for contemporary finishes such as matte black or brushed gold to adhere to the Japanese colour palette. 

Natural wood elements can be brought into the bathroom through storage baskets or shelves as well as hints of greenery through well-placed bathroom plants. Comfy white towels and bathrobes hung on the walls will also give you a hint of Scandi style, just don’t go too overboard with the plush fabrics!

Japandi is a concept that is here to stay and at Lusso, we can’t wait to see more of our customers utilising it in their homes. For more bathroom inspiration, don’t forget to take a look at our Instagram account for real-life bathroom transformations.

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