Bathroom Suites by Lusso

Welcome to Lusso Stone, home to a sublime range of luxury bathroom suites that have the unique ability to not only transform your home – but also the way in which you interact with and inhabit this essential space. 

From the flawless beauty and pristine surfaces of our vanity units to the sumptuous curves and contemporary styling of our stone baths and stone basins, here you’ll find an uncompromising collection to complete the ultimate luxury bathroom.

At Lusso Stone, we ensure that each aspect and nuance of bathroom design is taken care of. As such, we’ve nurtured a breathtaking range of bathroom suites that cater to all tastes and decor styles. 

Those looking for eye-catching, spa-like opulence are in safe hands with the Deco suite finished in brushed gold, while those searching for a more subtle yet no less stylish option can bathe in the sleek surroundings of our Zurra suite. Whatever your vision and however you prefer to spend your bathing time,

there’s a bespoke solution to meet your needs.

Unsure which of our luxurious collections will work best in your space? Read on below where you’ll find more information on each of our expertly designed suites and what style of decor they’ll suit.

Our experienced customer service team leader Lee has answered some of the most common questions relating to bathroom suites. If you have any questions that we may not have covered, please get in touch:

Q: What does a bathroom suite include?

A: Our selection of bathroom suites include a freestanding bath, a vanity unit or basin, rimless toilet, taps, mirror and bathroom accessories. 

Q: How long should a bathroom suite last?

A: Our products are crafted with superior quality, and are designed to last a lifetime which is why our products come with a guarantee. Read more on our guarantees here. 

Q: Does a bathroom suite have to match?

A: We have six different bathroom suites to choose from, all styled cohesively, there is a design to meet all interior aesthetics. 

Q: How do I decide which bathroom suite to choose?

A: Choose a style that suits the existing interior of your home to maintain a cohesive theme. You should also base your decision on the size of your bathroom, for example wall hung fittings are great for compact bathrooms as they enhance the space.