Choosing a Stone Bath

Masterfully crafted, hard-wearing, and beautiful to look at, Stone Resin Baths exude luxury and grandeur. At Lusso Stone, we take enormous pride in the quality and sustainability of our baths. Each one is constructed from warm, smooth textured resin that is meticulously cleaned for maximum purity. Our stone is a renewable material, meaning any damage can be effectively repaired. What’s more, when it comes to replacing your bathtub, the stone resin can be completely recycled – kinder to the environment and one less thing for you to worry about when taking a soothing soak. 


Stone Baths vs Acrylic

When choosing a material for your bathtub, stone resin is a far superior choice in comparison to acrylic. At Lusso, we take every element of design into consideration, from the fine grounding of our stone resin to the production process of our freestanding bath styles, ensuring grandeur is present throughout from beginning to end. Below, we have provided you with all of the information you need to make that decision. 


What is stone resin and how are stone resin baths made?

Stone resin is a composite stone compiled from finely ground pure white limestone and superior performance strong polymer resin. At Lusso, we use Durastone - a premium quality, and meticulously constructed stone resin that’s carefully selected and cleaned for purity before use. This natural quarried limestone is ground into a fine powder before it is skilfully blended with clear resin - resulting in a finish that exudes purity and elegance, as opposed to those with a perceptible bleached surface.

Pros of Stone Baths Vs Acrylic Baths

Pros of Stone Baths Vs Acrylic Baths

  • Durability: at 18-25mm thick, stone resin bathtubs are built to last for a lifetime whereas the average acrylic bath has a lifespan of 10-15 years. 
  • Non-porous surface: no bacteria can set in with a stone resin bath, ensuring a bath that’s impervious to the effects of water, giving peace of mind for you and your family. 
  • Resistance to discolouration: the limestone that we use is purified and cleaned before the grounding process, ensuring that the resin product is of a radiant, natural white finish in comparison to a bleached look of acrylic that's prone to discolouration and staining. 
  • Simple maintenance: providing the correct aftercare will ensure you enjoy a lifetime of luxury bathing in your stone resin bath. The material is simple to clean and polish, with guides available here on the low-maintenance cleaning and care. Acrylic baths are more liable to scratching, meaning that you are likely to spend time and cost repairing damage whereas the resin counterpart can be easily self-repaired with the correct, low-cost caring kit.
  • Retaining heat: stone resin is exceptional at retaining heat, resulting in a longer-lasting bathing experience for those who enjoy a long soak.
  • Sustainable: stone resin is a naturally sourced material, and as we evolve to do more for our planet, this natural component is a perfect eco-friendly solution. This renewable source also ensures natural replacement and repair, should you ever need it, and if you ever want to discard your bath, stone resin is completely recyclable
  • Recyclable: stone resin is completely recyclable, meaning that should you ever wish to dispose of your bath, it can be recycled back to its natural state. 
  • Shape: due to the flexible nature of stone resin, it can be molded to almost any desired bath shape, which is why our extensive collection contains multiple bath shapes to choose from.
  • Aesthetic - atop the many benefits of stone resin, one of the main and final factors is the appearance that a smooth-surfaced stone resin tub provides, which many describe as spa-like due to its elegant, pure radiance. Acrylic tubs may mirror the aesthetic however a stone resin bath contains the thickness, purity, and sustainability that acrylic cannot deliver.

Types of Stone Bath

Oval - Suitable for the smallest to the largest of bathrooms, the oval bath is captivating in design and supreme in comfort, great for single or double, either-end bathing. From the Oasis Freestanding Bath and its curvaceous silhouette to the Picasso Freestanding Bath and its contemporary sophistication, there’s a luxuriant oval bath for every interior to suit your taste.

Egg - The Egg Shell Bath shape is distinctively beautiful. With its elegant, asymmetrical silhouette, the unique Egg Shell frame makes a statement in any home and is available in two versatile sizes - 1700mm and 1500mm - it’s fit for a wide variety of bathroom sizes.

Rectangle - Lusso Stone offers five models of rectangular baths, each captivating and dramatic in its own way, due to the clean strong lines of each design. The simply elegant Ethos Bath brings sophistication and minimalist elegance with its expertly crafted modern shape. Ideal for an industrial style bathroom.

Round - Create your own personal home spa with our range of round freestanding baths. Generous in size, the round tubs are the perfect choice for ultimate relaxation, allowing plenty of space for single or double bathing as well as making the ultimate touch of grandeur to the home. The Notion Freestanding Bath and the Grande Freestanding Bath are both of similar shape, although stunningly unique to one another.

Corner - A modern take on the classic corner bath, Lusso Stone’s groundbreaking designs are deceptively spacious and the ideal choice for a contemporary bathroom. For a softer shape opt for the Lissoni Freestanding Bath or for sleek flair the square Consero Freestanding Bath is a perfect choice.

Polished vs Matte

Our beautiful stone resin material is available in two different styles - matte and polished. Both reflect the superior quality and luxurious design of our stone material.  A polished coating adds a radiant finish to your bathroom perfect for a contemporary, chic interior. In contrast, a smooth and tactile matte finish is best suited to a clean, minimal luxury aesthetic.

What’s the difference between polished and matte? 

Polished materials create a sophisticated, show stopping appearance that makes any interior feel luxurious with its reflective gleam. Whereas matte perfectly retains the elegance and beauty of the natural stone with a softer appeal. Designed with a flat, neutral surface and smooth texture that is ideal for a natural setting. In contrast, polished stone is created with a reflective quality that can make your space look radiant as it emphasises the brightness of the colour. 

Polished stone is a low maintenance material and easy enough to care for. It requires less cleaning and is much easier to maintain. Stains are less of a worry, as it’s difficult for liquid and moisture to lock in. However, if tough scratches are present on your bathtub, it could appear clearer than a matte finish due to light reflecting off the glossy surface. Matte material requires more in depth cleaning and should be completed frequently, as it’s easier to absorb spilled liquids and moisture such as soap scum. 

How to choose your stone finish?

Each home is unique, depending on your ambiance, vision, and style. Choosing the finish of a stone bath depends on personal preference. Matte best suits a natural aesthetic, perfect for a contemporary, minimal interior that mirrors a stunning five-star hotel. However, polished baths beautifully complement a traditional space whilst its sleek reflective finish adds a hint of luxe. 

Explore our collection of polished and matte stone products at Lusso. Including our signature stone baths along with vanity units and basins that perfectly complete your bathroom interior. You can also get the best of both finishes, with our Picasso Dual Finish Freestanding Stone Bath.



Matte white - Matte white is one of our signature finishes and a timeless shade that is the epitome of contemporary elegance. A desirable shade for a minimalist style, the versatile colourway can be beautifully paired with a wide range of colour palettes from smooth matte black to our opulent Brushed Gold Accessories. This radiant colour is the focal point of any bathroom. More recently, we have expanded our Matte White Collection to showers, taps and bathroom accessories. 

Polished white - Polished White achieves a more glossier approach than matte, much loved for its lustrous shine that sits upon the pure white surface. Perfect for contemporary, modern interiors, our polished white is a coveted choice by homeowners, hoteliers, and property developers alike, and pairs beautifully with many of our brassware finishes such as rose gold and brushed stainless.

Pebble grey - Pebble Grey is part of our groundbreaking Silk range. The earthy neutral tone adds an air of sophistication to any interior. Our Pebble Grey Stone Baths and Basins are a statement focal point and can be beautifully styled with our Matte White Collection, Gunmetal Brassware or maintain a contemporary, cohesive theme with our Pebble Grey countertops. Whether adding contrast to a lighter decor, or creating a dark, cosy aesthetic in your bathroom – this finish is guaranteed to create a style statement.

Charcoal - The superb combination of black and grey in the charcoal finish commands attention wherever it’s situated. Bold and sophisticated, yet highly versatile, you can pair a number of fittings with this shade. Our Brushed Stainless Brassware creates an industrious look, whereas brushed gold brings a real sense of affluence in combination with the richness of charcoal. Part of the Matte Silk Collection, Charcoal creates a modern, industrial aesthetic that delivers timeless glamour.  

Grigio Earth - Establish a sophisticated bathroom enhanced with our Grigio Earth Collection. The taupe-like shade is inspired by earth and natural tones that create a warm, elegant aura. The unique stone has a silk accent to it that radiates sheer elegance. Add Brushed Stainless Fittings for a more lowkey aesthetic, or go for brushed gold for a hint of luxury. 

Black - Black is one of our signature finishes designed to add a cosmopolitan, chic aesthetic to your interior. Ideal for those who prefer a statement interior, it creates an unexpected avant-garde approach to everyday accents with its smooth, sleek appearance. In contrast to matte, our black collection is coated in a gleaming polish for a luxury, bold appeal.

Dual Finish - Unique to Lusso, our Dual Finish Baths are a combination of matte and polished and is beautifully coated on our bestselling Picasso Stone Bath. It is finely handcrafted with a matte white exterior and a polished white interior that allows you to experience the best of both texture and feel. A versatile finish that creates a luxury modern aesthetic and a unique bathing experience. For maintenance and cleaning, visit our stone bath cleaning guide.