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Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths are the epitome of elegance, creating a spectacular focal point in your bathroom. At Lusso, our range of freestanding stone baths combines classic shapes with modern craftsmanship, allowing you to upgrade your space in style. From classic egg-shaped freestanding baths to round baths and contemporary angular styles, we've curated a range of freestanding baths that will transform even compact spaces. Choose from traditional white stone baths or our effortlessly cool matte black designs, a new staple in luxury resorts across the globe.

All of our freestanding baths are designs to fit your bathroom aesthetic, with a choice of taps in an array of on-trend finishes. Go for glamour with brushed gold or chrome, or keep things modern with our matte black, gunmetal or rose gold collections.

Whatever your style, you can find the perfect freestanding bath for your space at Lusso today. Don’t forget to take a look at our range of stone basins to find the right match for your beautiful new freestanding bath.

Square Freestanding Baths

With clean lines and a sleek design, our square freestanding baths are perfect for contemporary interiors. Choose from a selection of styles and sizes to find the right square freestanding bath for your space. 

Round Freestanding Baths

Sophisticated curves are the order of the day in our round freestanding baths collection. Incredible designs fuse with signature Lusso hand finishes in this exciting range that’s perfect for any interior. 

Egg Shaped Freestanding Baths

A classic gets a thoroughly modern twist with Lusso egg-shaped freestanding baths. Perfect for any space, expect smooth curves and generously spaced bathing that’s ideal for bathrooms of all sizes. 

Freestanding Corner Baths

Our signature freestanding corner baths are perfect for compact interiors, creating a sophisticated focal point that exudes modern glamour. Designed to perfectly complement any stylish space. 


A freestanding bath is not attached to any supporting walls, instead, it stands alone in your bathroom, either directly on the floor or mounted on feet. Without the limitations of having to have a bath tucked in a corner or against a wall, a freestanding bath is incredibly versatile and will become s striking focal point in bathrooms of any size.

Each of our freestanding baths come with detailed installation instructions to suit your individual bathroom needs.

Before installation, you should download the technical drawing for the bath you have purchased. You can find this on the product page for your chosen freestanding bath. This will show you the exact dimensions of the bath base, the bath void depth and the location of the bath waste fitting. Each bath is supplied with a low-profile waste connector and flexible pipe which fits within the void area of the bath and the base of your floor. The end of this pipe measures 40mm. For installation purposes, the pipe pulls out and extends to a length of 850mm.

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to stay in a hotel bath for a little longer, or dreaming of a trip to the spa, you’ll know exactly how comfortable a freestanding bath can be! Thanks to our unique stone material, each of our freestanding baths offers comfort, extending warmth and a beautifully tactile finish. Whether you’re bathing alone or sharing, our range includes an array of sizes to suit your bathing style.

Yes! In fact, with the proper care, your freestanding bath can last a lifetime. Our bathroom experts have put together a handy guide to help you take care of your freestanding stone bath. Say goodbye to stains and scratches!

This is one of the most common questions we receive from our customers, usually before they purchase one of our beautifully compact freestanding baths. We know that not every home has ample space for bathroom fixtures, this why we offer a selection of smaller size freestanding baths and corner baths that will suit your needs.

Freestanding baths are incredibly versatile as they allow you to choose from a range of different tap styles to make your bath, more you. At Lusso, our carefully curated selection of bath taps is specially designed to suit our freestanding stone baths. Whether you prefer our wall mounted bath taps, designed to save space and fit perfectly with your bathroom aesthetic, or our dramatic freestanding bath taps that will make a statement in any home. Our bath taps are available in a range of beautiful finishes and are designed to last.

Yes, bespoke is our speciality and our team is ready and waiting to hear all about your bespoke bathroom ideas. Give us a call on 0203 370 4057

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