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How To Choose The Perfect Vanity Unit

Bringing together the functionality of a basin with the added advantage of storage, vanity units are a must-have for bathroom spaces. The size and style you choose can make or break your aesthetic, so here we share some expert advice on how to select the ideal vanity for your home.

Size Matters

Before you even begin to browse, it’s essential that you have accurate measurements of your bathroom, ensuite or water closet so you know how much workable space you have. Generally it’s recommended that you leave around 75cm of space in front of a vanity unit – as well as other fixtures and fittings – to enable you to easily move around, so this should give you a good idea of the dimensions that will fit comfortably.

For snug areas where floorspace is at a premium, a single basin and wall mounted design can be the optimum choice, such as the Volini Mini Cloakroom Vanity Unit or Luv Fluted Vanity Unit which both come complete with a smooth stone basin. In more generously sized spaces, opt for slightly larger styles like the Moode Vanity Unit or Piana Vanity Unit, and where you’re looking to create a visual statement, captivating double basin designs such as the Porcelanato Vanity Unit – which features flawless Carrara porcelain – can create a stunning focal point.

Design Cohesion

While your personal taste should largely dictate the style of vanity unit that you choose, to create a cohesive look you should also consider the aesthetic of surrounding fixtures and fittings, along with key design details or period features.

Clean and minimal interiors pair well with vanity units that offer striking symmetry, such as the Thinn Double Unit, however if you’re looking to bring more texture into your bathroom while retaining a contemporary look, the Couture Floorstanding Vanity Unit with its opulent Carrara marble countertop is the ideal addition. 

For more traditional decors, incorporate timeless pieces that feature subtle design nods to iconic eras, such as the Connaught Floorstanding Vanity which is available in a range of sizes, or the distinctive Belmont Vanity Unit in either a brushed gold or polished nickel finish. 

Form and Function

As a practical fixture, your vanity unit should offer more than just good looks, so before you invest in a piece based entirely on its aesthetic, think about how you’ll use it day-to-day. For a bathroom that meets the needs of more than one person, consider a double basin design such as the Dorchester Vanity Unit, however if countertop space is more valuable, opt for a vanity with a large surface area like the Luxor Vanity Unit and pair it together with a modern stone basin. Where storage isn’t a key requirement, a minimal design such as the Lomazzo Countertop Vanity Unit – expertly carved from stunning Panda marble – offers maximum design impact, however if you need room for lots of toiletries and linens, more spacious styles including the Eaton Floorstanding Vanity Unit provide plenty of concealed storage. 

For further inspiration, click here to explore our full collection of contemporary and traditional vanity units. 

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