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How to Add Colour To A Space Without Fully Remodelling

Colour is one of the most important elements of interior design, and can determine the whole look and feel of a space. Colour trends are constantly evolving and changing, and we’ve highlighted ways to incorporate colour into your space without being restricted by seasonality or trends. We’re no strangers to seeing our pieces styled in a multitude of ways, and our signature aesthetic of clean, minimalist elegance allows Lusso products to be used in many homes and developments, no matter the style.


Tiles can be as statement or subtle as you desire, and our range meets the demand with lavish marble tiles, ranging from minimal to bold. From the Palazzo chevron tiles in the monochrome Nero Marquina to the Romano tiles crafted from fluted travertine, the range allows you to create distinct looks in your space, from your walls to your floors. 


Cabinetry is a smart way to add colour to your bathroom, whether you choose a wooden option such as walnut, a bolder stand-out colour such as anthracite or a more subtle option like nude. The colour of your cabinetry can completely transform the look. A sustainable option is a primed piece which can be custom painted, such as the Lusso Creative range, allowing you to paint it, and repaint it again when it’s time to change up your colour scheme.


As well as your cabinets and units, your choice of hardware can make a huge difference to an interior, which is why you should be mindful and choose your finishes carefully. The Lusso ranges include everything from regal brushed gold to minimalist matte black, allowing you to change up your interior styles with a simple switch of hardware. 

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