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Centre Stage Vanities

Creating a captivating focal point is a key element of interior design, and within a luxury bathroom a freestanding tub is often the first piece to catch your eye, but it doesn’t have to be. Beautifully crafted vanity units can deliver just as much visual impact, and here we share some design guidance on how to ensure they take centre stage in bathrooms big and small. 

Grand Designs 

Rather than choosing fixtures and fittings that blend into the background, invest in timeless designs that make a statement while also providing practical storage. For grand spaces, multi-functional vanity units that can double up as dressing tables are the perfect focal point, such as the sophisticated Audemar Vanity Unit which features a smooth stone basin, real walnut wood veneer, soft-closing drawers, and a generous surface area. 

Distinctive styles finished with opulent marble are also guaranteed to grab attention. The classic Eaton Floorstanding Vanity Unit features multiple compartments for maximum storage, double ceramic basins, design notes from the iconic Art Deco era, and a flawless Italian Carrara marble countertop. For a contemporary look, the Couture Freestanding Vanity Unit is also finished with a polished Carrara marble surface alongside immaculate porcelain basins, brushed gold accents, and fluted detailing. 

Creating Contrast 

Impeccably designed spaces usually rely on clever contrasts to create visual interest, and one of the easiest ways to achieve that is via colour. Within minimalist interiors, teaming up dark and sleek designs such as the Zotto Vanity Unit or Stratford Vanity Unit with light flooring, walls and brushed gold brassware results in a simple yet stunning aesthetic. Mixed textures can also create a strong contrast to emphasise statement pieces, which is why wooden panelling or luxury marble tiling can be the perfect backdrop for a showstopping vanity unit. The key is to find the right balance so a space is striking rather than overwhelming. 

Lighting & Accessories

A vanity unit isn’t complete without an accompanying mirror, and a well chosen design can help to give it even greater emphasis within any bathroom, but particularly within smaller spaces. For balance, the diameter or width of a mirror should be around the same as the width of the vanity unit – never wider – which is why our collection includes pieces that pair up perfectly with multiple designs, including the Volini Double Bathroom Vanity Unit and Moode Brushed Gold Mirror, and the Charsley Wall Mounted Vanity Unit and Gainsborough Mirror in a matte cream, stone, or soft white finish.

Mirror height can vary depending on the surrounding area, and to elongate the look and feel of a snug bathroom or water closet, opt for a tall, slender style such as the Luxe Matte Black Mirror, or add further storage with a Calvi Shelf Mirror

Curated accessories – including chic toiletries, linens, and plants – can help to further frame a vanity, along with carefully considered lighting. For cross illumination to eliminate shadows, position lights on either side of a vanity mirror, and add task lighting via accessories such as the Vogue Backlit Cosmetic Mirror or Plasma Mirror to create a layered look. 

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