Pot Fillers – The Practical, Underrated Kitchen Essential

It’s essential to have a kitchen that’s as practical as it is beautiful. With current rising home prices and competitive markets, buyers and sellers are in search of kitchens which add value and functionality to the home. One of the most practical and underrated kitchen staples is the pot filler

A classic example of functional design, the pot filler made its largest comeback in 2020 – the year that everyone remained put in their homes with no choice but to cook. Three years on, the reliable pot filler is seen as an essential feature for a desirable kitchen, loved for its practicality, convenience and instant appeal to homeowners and buyers. Found predominantly in farmhouse kitchens and period properties, it’s now rising in popularity within contemporary homes and apartments, which is why we’ve introduced Lusso pot fillers with both the traditional and modern buyer in mind.

What’s more enticing is that aside from sitting beautifully above your stove or against a striking kitchen backsplash, pot fillers can also help to increase the resale value of your home.

Key Advantages

As the name suggests, pot fillers are designed to make it significantly easier to fill your pots and pans; rather than lifting heavy pans and carrying them to and from the sink, the pot filler sits just above the stove, allowing direct filling and no transporting. A safer, more efficient way of cooking, and an ideal way to avoid spills and staining in luxury kitchen spaces.

Available Styles

The Lusso collection includes two styles – the Veroni and the Kempton – which both complement different decors. The Kempton is beautifully classical with a period-inspired shape that’s designed to match our traditional kitchen taps. The Veroni is a modern counterpart, designed for those with a taste for contemporary style. Key features include angular corners and a simplistic silhouette, in keeping with our other modern kitchen fixtures such as the Vuito tap.

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