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Boasting style and sophistication, black is the ultimate way to add structure and character to your bathroom, whether you use black on black or merge the dramatic shade with lighter, contrasting hues. Incorporating black can be anything from a single bath to a full black bathroom, including a vanity unit, black toilet, taps and tiles

The beauty of black bathrooms is that they’re not restricted to a theme; black bathrooms can range from modern and classic to Moroccan and gothic, it’s all down to the materials, prints and textures you use within the space. From radiant monochromes to deep and sombre settings, we’ve compiled a list of themes to create the ultimate black bathroom and just how you can tailor it to your specific interior taste.

The Victorian Dream

Quintessentially British, Victorian interiors will forever be a theme of choice. Often featuring monochrome tiling resemblant to those of the era, this theme is constantly evolving and reinventing itself in modern surroundings. Decorate your floors and walls with black and white tiles and place your striking black bath in the centre of the space. Complete with a floorstanding bath tap, a popular product of traditional Victorian bathrooms and to further accelerate the theme, add some unique wall art.

Image credits – @thepandyconwy

Cosmopolitan Chic

If there’s anywhere in the world to create an interior of cosmopolitan chic, it’s the city that never sleeps. Situated in the heart of Hudson’s Yard, New York City, the Equinox Hotel’s penthouse suite is the perfect example of plush relaxation and is a modern way to style the beautiful black tub. Here, showing our unique Vetrina – Lusso’s first black bath – the penthouse suite is surrounded by an amalgamation of textures, including wood, marble and stone. The darker colour theme accentuates the New York vibe brilliantly, adding an element of industrialism to the skyscraper suite.

Image Credits – @equinoxhotels

Spa Surroundings

A coastal retreat is the ultimate excuse to indulge in spa-like serenity, overlooking the stunning seascape of the nearby coastline. With most spas setting a deep, calming ambience, black is an undeniable way to add grandeur and serenity and looks perfect when offset by lighter backdrops and natural textures such as hessian or rattan. Style your dramatic black bath with black accessories and sanitaryware for a true statement against its surroundings.

Image Credits – @studiodean_

At Lusso, our black bathroom range includes everything you need to fully remodel your bathroom, including a wide variety of black stone baths, black wooden vanity units, black taps and accessories and even black toilets, ensuring you have all the options to successfully design your bathroom with contemporary style and flair.

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