Product Focus: Zen Freestanding Japanese Soaking Bath

A contemporary take on ancient bathing rituals, our Japanese Soaking Bath provides the ultimate relaxation experience to cleanse both the mind and body. Although only recently introduced to the Lusso collection, the on-trend piece is already proving popular thanks to its stunning shape and generous depth which can provide a number of health benefits.

Ofuro Inspired

The captivating design of our Zen bath is largely influenced by Japanese ofuros – traditional soaking tubs that have been enjoyed in the East for centuries. Its distinctive shape reflects Japan’s strong cultural connection to bathing, where it’s common to take a daily bath rather than a shower, with a much stronger focus on ritual and rejuvenation.

Although historically made using aromatic cypress wood, which is native to central Japan, today ofuros are more likely to be produced using stone, plastic or stainless steel, and can still be found in homes, hotels, and traditional inns right across the country.

Unique Aesthetic 

With its steep sides, compact symmetry, and a smooth internal seat, our Zen Freestanding Japanese Soaking Bath enables you to comfortably submerge yourself – up to chest height – to slowly unwind and recharge.

Hand-finished to the highest standard, the bath is also built to last as it’s expertly crafted from Durastone – a blend of pure powdered limestone and commercial-grade resin. Used throughout our stone collection, the durable material has a natural white finish, smooth feel, and offers incredible strength and longevity, allowing us to offer a lifetime guarantee for every bath and basin across the range. In addition, the Zen bath is provided with a matching stone step as the perfect accessory to enable easy access.

Restorative Qualities

As well as creating a striking focal point in your home, an indulgent soaking bath can enhance health and wellbeing in several ways. Its intentionally tall shape reduces the water surface area, enabling it to stay warmer for longer to relax tightened muscles and relieve the stresses of modern life. The upright design also means that a soaking bath can only be used in a seated position – rather than lying – which can support better posture.

It’s also believed that by raising the body temperature, soaking baths can improve blood circulation, promote better sleep, reduce headaches, and even offer cardiovascular benefits. Many people also simply enjoy the calming, therapeutic effect of being almost entirely immersed in soothing hot water.

If you’re looking to experience spa-grade relaxation in your own home, click here to find out more about our Zen Freestanding Japanese Soaking Bath.

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