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Defining Interior Trends: Winter 2022 

An overview of the top looks that are shaping how we style our homes this season


Conceptually similar to hygge, the cosycore aesthetic is a celebration of warmth, wellness and contentment, making it an ideal interior style for the colder months. By combining layered textiles and lighting with an autumnal colour palette, natural materials and vintage furnishings, it creates a cocoon effect within living spaces.


To get the look, invest in central pieces that are designed to deliver maximum comfort – a deep sofa you can sink into, a soft bed with a cushioned headboard, and a generously proportioned tub such as our Notion Freestanding Round Stone Bath or Charsley Roll Top Cast Iron Bath.


For a more transitional way to bring cosycore into your home, turn to soft furnishings including lambswool and chunky knit blankets, earthy-toned cushions in all shapes and sizes, dressed windows, and faux fur rugs. As well as accessorising with sentimental objects and creating considered relaxation nooks, you should also layer up your lighting. The best approach is to use a mix of accent, task and ambient lighting such as fireplaces, lamps and candles, which you can pair perfectly with our Seletti Arabescato Marble Round Candle Holder


Bringing the outdoors inside, biophilic design focuses on incorporating nature within your living environment, and it’s proving to be one of the most popular looks of the decade so far. With the aim of reducing stress, improving well-being, and igniting creativity, biophilic interiors also look to recreate our sense of connection with the wider world by emulating the shapes, textures, and shades found in the wilderness.


To translate the tranquil style across your home, try to leverage as much natural light as possible, opt for a colour palette with relaxing hues of sky blue, lush green, soft white, oatmeal, or slate, and don’t hold back on potted plants. For statement pieces across your home, choose fixtures and furniture that blend natural materials – including wood, rattan, and stone – with high visual impact, such as our Panda Marble Designo Freestanding Stone Bath


For accessories, think foliage and florals alongside pieces with natural textures and patterns, such as the marble side tables, fruit bowls, and vases from our latest Living collection.

Refined Retro

With a focus on sophisticated design and earthy tones rather than lurid, clashing colours, the current 70s revival within interior design is a modern take on an iconic style. Curved furnishings, geometric patterns, flowing floor plans and rich textiles are all key elements of the look, which is much more understated the second time around. 


In homage to the era that gave us sunken living rooms, space-age chairs, and bubble sofas, playful pieces are also central to the aesthetic, combined with low lighting and restrained palettes of brown, cream, muted pink, green and soft orange. To introduce a subtle retro feel to your home, create a lounging feel with low-slung furniture, and invest in talking-point pieces with simple lines such as the Egg Shell Freestanding Bath and Basin from our stone collection. To complete the look, add pops of colour, texture and interest with velvet accessories, smoked glass, and statement lamps.

Dark Academia
A social media sensation, dark academia is an intense aesthetic that combines dramatic colour schemes with cluttered accessories, antique homeware, and gothic design elements. Centred around the arts, the look offers a romantic twist on 19th-century European interiors which means it isn’t for the faint-hearted, however, its signature maximalism can be pared down for a more accessible style.


To create statement walls in keeping with the eclectic trend, go for a rich shade of jet black, ruby red, emerald green, amethyst purple, or sapphire blue, and team up with dark statement furniture, fixtures and fittings such as our Vetrina Black Freestanding Stone Bath, or pieces finished in leather, stained wood, and velvet.


For accessories, choose classical artwork, vintage books, and glass lamps, and finish with brushed gold accents.

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