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Bringing Global Culture to Interior Design – Check Out Da Silva Design House

Celine Da Silva takes inspiration from heritage, travels and global culture. She brings the authentic taste of around the world to her own interior design practice and her own beautiful location house, eponymously named Da Silva Design House. 

Celine’s penchant for print, pattern and style merges with worldwide experience, introducing a home style that lends itself as the perfect combination. The home, which also works as a popular location house for photography and film, includes a range of Lusso products throughout, from the striking Panda marble to our contemporary black fittings. From the onset, it’s clear that Celine is no stranger to contrast, placing vivid shades with timeless textures. Beginning with the kitchen, this open-plan space is a montage of material, from tiling to marble and incorporations of wood, the textures and tones bounce beautifully against forest green notes, a harmony to the natural plants to add a biophilic element. Kitchen taps can make or break the interior, and Celine has chosen our Livello Pull Out Mixer Tap in Matte Black, a perfect choice for the theme.

The home contains two bathrooms, both of which share a similar design style albeit with distinct differences. One bathroom is surrounded by the timeless, Mediterranean Terrazzo, accentuated by ocean blue tiling and wooden furniture which is further heightened by the striking Asian Panda marble, adding to the interior designer’s cultural influence of design. The second bathroom boasts darker, more dramatic Terrazzo, again with woody notes however rather than Panda marble, Celine has used the Carrara, a soft muted marble from the Italian mountains. 

The whole home is a homage to global heritage, and Celine couldn’t have displayed this aesthetic more brilliantly. Read below as she reveals all about her specific design style and the inspiration behind Da Silva Design House:

How would you describe your design style?

I draw a lot of my inspiration from travelling, my heritage and from living in different countries. I’ve been fortunate enough to stay in lots of boutique styles of accommodation, especially when I lived in Southeast Asia. I’ve stayed in tiny but cosy wooden huts on stilts, beautifully designed hotels using local craftspeople and materials as well as quirky apartments. I love designing spaces that make me feel like I’m somewhere warm and tropical and this includes using warm colour palettes, natural materials and being brave with pattern. This was definitely my vision for the house renovation and especially our new loft conversion. 

Can you give us some background on your project?

As we had worked on a complete renovation of the ground floor and parts of the first floor the year before, we decided to go full steam ahead on the loft conversion whilst we were in the swing of things and before the price of materials increased any more! With a growing need to have retired family members spending more time with us, we decided that we wanted to create a space that felt part of the house, yet to also be a little haven away from it all. A space that anyone can come into and breathe a relaxed sigh when they enter it. The intention for our ground floor was always to hire it out for location shoots and we have been really busy with those, so whilst shoots are happening on the ground floor, we take our work calls on the new loft floor. We have beautiful views from this new floor and I really wanted to take the opportunity to decide on the placement of all of the internal walls myself and part of that included wanting to have a larger bathroom compared to what we have on the first floor. This is why I decided to create a little nook for the sink and vanity unit, allowing for a clear walkway into the room and the walk-in shower. The toilet is neatly tucked out of view when you walk into the space, so the focus is on the shower when you enter the room, and the next thing you see to your left is our striking Lusso marble sink and matt black tap.

What attracted you to Lusso products? 

As an Interior Designer, I had initially used Lusso products in some of my clients’ bathroom projects. Seeing and interacting with the quality of the products installed in these spaces helped me decide that I wanted to use these beautiful products in my own home. Our plumbers even commented on how impressed they were with the quality! I love the fact that there is such a varied range of products at Lusso and that they all work well together. For our loft bathroom shower, I wanted the handheld shower to be fixed to an adjustable rail and the Lusso customer service team was really helpful in supplying me with a separate rail from another one of their shower products to help me achieve this. 

Which is your favourite Lusso product you have used?

The basins! We have two marble basins in the house – a panda marble basin on the first floor and a white marble basin in the loft bathroom. They are my favourite stand-out pieces in both bathrooms. Both basins feel luxurious, and generously sized, yet really durable – it’s the perfect combination.

How was your experience with deliveries & customer service from Lusso?

We had a great experience. The customer service team kept me well-informed about which products were in stock and which had a longer lead time. Everything was delivered efficiently. During the build, one of our contractors, unfortunately, lost the flush plate for our rimless wall-hung toilet and the customer service team managed to get a new one out to me in a matter of days. I was worried I’d have to wait a lot longer, so this really gave me peace of mind during a stressful time!

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Photography – Chris Snook

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