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Ranch Dressing – A ‘broken plan’ home nestled in the Suffolk countryside 

Home extensions are one of our favourites to document and in this feature, we take a look at the incredible extension of a Suffolk bungalow carried out by homeowners Jules Hamilton and Nigel Shore. 

Located in the rural valley, the now transformed bungalow carries a completely new look to what it once was; the home has undergone a makeover from a pink bungalow to a two-storey home defined by timber cladding, which has also gained the home acclaim by passers-by for its outstanding appearance, some even asking if they can purchase the newly completed home. Given its nickname ‘Ranch Dressing’, the couple wanted to keep in touch with nature for the design, blending rural surroundings with the home redesign to give the home a ‘Texas ranch’ style feel with natural materials used where possible. 

The Ranch development really demonstrates the use of inspiration, allowing its imaginative design to transport to those of the West, including exposed brick walls, rattan furniture, dark oak furnishings and unique silhouettes and shapes, not forgetting the capabilities of indoor-outdoor living with large open doors throughout the property. 

It’s great to see Lusso products installed within such a unique home redevelopment and it’s a testament that our products can be incorporated into any theme of home, whether that’s modern or Texan-inspired such as the beautiful Ranch Dressing. The Suffolk home, instead of placing focus on the ever-popular open plan design, tailors its design to ‘broken plan’, unifying the concept that a home can become whole while being separated into private areas where necessary, ideal for the couple to live freely while allowing the space to become private for when friends and family come to stay. Is the ‘broken plan’ design the new open plan? 

The broken plan concept extends beyond the downstairs where, through a connecting door, the former bungalow has been reconfigured with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, allowing visitors and guests an extra element of privacy. In the main extension, our products can be found in the luxurious master bedroom suite with a spacious tub and ensuite shower posing as part of the hotel-style suite. Just a few feet away from where the couple can indulge in a soothing soak, is a stunning Juliet balcony which is accessible through French doors, really taking the ranch element and countryside living to new levels. 

A great choice of Lusso products has been used throughout the build, particularly the master bedroom suite which beautifully displays our Monaco freestanding bath in matte white, our Dorchester grey oak double vanity unit and brassware from our Luxe brushed stainless range, including a floorstanding bath tap, basin mixer tap and thermostatic shower which creatives seamless cohesive styling. 

Adding further to the ranch-style aesthetic of the home, this beautiful build and its one acre of land is home to several animals including Mediterranean donkeys. It’s inevitable that with the final result of the redevelopment, it’s a perfectly fitting environment. 

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Image Credits – © Savills

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