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A look at the Nokken – Sustainable, economic hospitality 

We take a look at the Nokken – an escape that blends efficient, economic living with a scope for business. This concept fuses the beauty of design with sustainability and individuality, so dive into the world of the Nokken as we explore the ingenious project in which we’re proud to be involved. 

The continual need for hospitality is one of the core influences behind the Nokken project, recognising the incessant need for experience and quality as opposed to expense and location. The Nokken sees hospitality in a new light, applying this realisation to a unique business venture, allowing landowners, hotel operators and almost anyone to create their own hospitable haven, all from the creation of modular, configurable cabins which can be placed anywhere to suit. 

We spoke with Naythan Aylott from the talented Aylott & Van Tromp – the design specialists responsible for the outstanding appearances of the Nokken – who gave us further insight into the project and its design, which Lusso was appointed to supply sanitaryware to each of the cabins. 

“The purpose of Nokken has always been beyond simply building cabins. Put simply, it exists to create the most efficient and economic platform possible for hotel operators and landowners to start or diversify a retreat hospitality offering”

— Nokken co-founders

The vision for the Nokken was put into perspective after the events of the pandemic left many individuals seeking ways to create business startups in the hospitality sector, including Airbnb and glamping retreats which soared in popularity. This growing demand struck the Nokken founders with a lightbulb vision, to create a business model where everything was at hand, allowing landowners and hotel operators to create their own retreats with the majority of necessities already available. The result is the Nokken, which prides itself on cost efficiency, a services ecosystem and endless configuration, and the best part is that the Nokken can be provided anywhere in the world, allowing eco-advocates and desirable hoteliers to get involved with their own specific projects without worrying about the build, design and overall development.

The Nokken works in four stages. Stage one will oversee drawing releases and building permits. Stage two will finalise the order prior to production, ensuring that custom elements can be integrated into the design of the Nokken cabin. Stage three guarantees your shipment confirmation, in preparation for stage four – receiving your cabin to begin your very own business venture. 

A proud European venture, the Nokken blends qualities of many countries with its architecture from England, styling from Denmark, engineering in Germany and manufacturing in Latvia and Portugal. In keeping with its sustainable values, the Nokken cabins are crafted from cross-laminated timber and fully natural products, and due to the nature of the design and the quality of the products, given that you provide the correct care and maintenance to your cabin, your Nokken should last a lifetime. 

We’re pleased that Lusso products have been incorporated into the design of each cabin, appointing our renowned sanitaryware for each beautiful cabin to be created. This includes our smooth stone resin basins, taps, showers and accessories, ensuring the internal products are as durable and opulent as the cabin’s exterior. 

‘Being part of a venture as economical and sustainable as the Nokken is incredible as it really inlines with our brand values. We remain dedicated to sustainability and by working together with brands such as Aylott & Van Tromp and the Nokken, it’s great to build relationships with others that share the same beliefs and qualities’

– Mike Manders, Lusso’s Managing Director

Check out the Nokken here. If you have an upcoming project and would like to know more about our products, get in touch with us today – 0203 3704057 |

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