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It’s out with the kettle and in with the tap as the demand for boiling water taps is on the rise, replacing the always-popular kettle with the new and innovative alternative. The Lusso Filtrata 4 in 1 boiling water tap, available in two designs with a third design coming soon, is the most luxury kitchen addition, giving you four water temperatures from a single push of a button. 

What is the Lusso Filtrata Boiling Water Tap?

Our ingenious Filtrata tap offers four temperatures of water with one push of a button, giving you instant access to boiling water, filtered cold water and standard hot and cold water, all from one single spout. 

What are the benefits of the Lusso Filtrata? 

Eliminate the kettle with the innovative boiling water tap, it’s a space-saving and less time-consuming alternative, meaning you’ll no longer have to wait for your morning coffee with the instant kettle feature built within the tap. As well as its renowned boiling water purpose, the Filtrata tap dispenses filtered cold water as well as standard hot and cold, saving you from spending on bottled water and taking up space in the fridge. As well as its economical aspects, the tap ensures that you’re doing your part for the planet, reducing the amount of single-use plastics being thrown away.

Is a boiling water tap more economical and efficient than a kettle?

Boiling water taps are competitive with the kettle in terms of sustainability and efficiency however the boiling water tap ensures that you’re only using the amount of boiling water necessary, as opposed to most households that over boil the kettle with significantly more water than is needed, in turn costing more to run. Most households boil at least enough water for double the amount needed. 

What colours do the Lusso Filtrata come in? 

The Lusso Filtrata comes in three of our signature colourways, these include matte black boiling water taps, brushed nickel taps and brushed gold boiling water taps. The three luxury finishes are designed to work cohesively with the kitchen sinks, accessories and hardware of the same opulent colours. 

What types of boiling water tap are available at Lusso? 

At Lusso, we have two types of boiling water tap – the original Filtrata and the Filtrata 101, with a new design – the Filtro – coming soon to The original Filtrata boasts an elegant swan neck spout whereas the 101 is more modern and industrial with a square neck design. Our original Filtrata contains a smooth surface, as opposed to the 101 which takes influence from the gold-standard motoring brand, Bentley, to incorporate knurling to its lever – a feature that’s commonplace in some of the car manufacturers’ top-class vehicles. The Filtro, coming soon, features a pull-out spout for easy targeting of the tap. 

What products work well with the Filtrata?

The three opulent finishes make the Filtrata tap the perfect partner for our hardware and accessories of the same colours, including everything from sinks and door handles to soap dispensers. As well as these products, our Filtrata tap is designed for use with the Lusso branded water bottles and insulated tumbler glasses, ideal for each temperature range on the taps. 

Is the Filtrata tap childproof?

The Lusso Filtrata tap contains a childproof safety lever to ensure no accidents occur, giving you added peace of mind when installing this in your kitchen. 

How does the Filtrata boiling water tap work?

The Filtrata tap functions are as follows. Right-hand lever – side pull 40 degrees for standard hot and cold water. Right-hand lever – pull 90 degrees forward for filtered cold water. Left-hand lever – press in button and turn for instant boiling water. 

What is the power rating of the Filtrata tap?

The power rating of the Filtrata boiling water tap is 1.5kW.

What is the maximum hot water temperature?

The maximum boiler temperature is 100 degrees Celsius with a hot water flow of 98 degrees Celsius. 

Read below for some Lusso boiling water tap reviews and see what our customers are saying about our ingenious tap:

“The Lusso four in one tap is an elegant-looking and very convenient device. I love being able to pour boiling water instantly while making my morning coffee consisting of freshly ground coffee beans. I also do a lot of triathlon training and the ability to pour cold filtered water before starting indoor workouts is fantastic.” – Sandy

We are a Weymouth-based property developer and we have been installing boiling water taps into our new builds for the past several years. Initially, we were installing the Quooker brand but they are a bit on the pricey side so we gave the Filtrata taps a go. We are extremely happy with the quality of these taps and we have installed 13 this year without any issues. Amazing products as you would expect.” – Gary Mcgreevey

“So utterly delighted with this incredible piece of technology. Great price! Who needs a Quooker?! Fitting is sleek, solid, on-trend and easy to operate.” – Anna Brittan

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