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Four ways to create a minimalist bathroom

Minimalism has become a popular interior trend over recent years which is why the Scandi aesthetic is seen in more homes than ever. Minimalism involves clean decor, neutral colour palettes and minimal accessories. Nothing is more in a minimal bathroom, it’s designed to prevent clutter and unnecessary extras. Our collection of matte and polished white baths, basins, vanity units and accessories are perfect to create a minimal interior. This clean aesthetic is a trend that will last the years and can be styled with hints of colour and pattern if you’re wanting to remodel your bathroom. 

1. Use a light colour palette 

A neutral colour scheme can create a clean look which gives a warm ambience – perfect for a relaxing soak. White is a great shade to work with, it defines minimalism and is often used within Scandi interiors. The versatile tone is a base which can be worked with an array of styles, decors and other neutral colours including grey. It also enhances bathrooms with its radiant and immaculate sheen which creates the illusion of light and space. Our signature stone baths and basins collections are beautifully crafted from stone resin which creates a soft, tactile feel ideal for a clean interior. Choose from a matte white or polished white to incorporate into your bathroom. Both finishes provide minimalism with a different aesthetic between the two; Polished white exudes elegance and radiates a luxury sheen whereas matte white has less of a glow, yet has more of a modern appeal. 


2. Accessorise with single items

In order to achieve a minimalist bathroom, it’s important to simplify the aesthetic. Accessorising with single items is a great way to add a sense of character while ensuring your bathroom looks clean. Coffee table books are a sought after accessory trend throughout the home, not only are they designed for living areas but can be styled anywhere in the home. The Lusso coffee table book can be styled on side tables, units and stools to create a look of sophistication. Our bath caddies are available in a selection of finishes, including matte black and matte white, and can be used to style luxury soaps, shampoos and other toiletries. 

3. Remove clutter

The key to achieving a minimalist bathroom is to eliminate clutter. This includes essential toiletries, beauty products and other luxuries that should be stored away and not shown on display. There are many ways to simplify your bathroom and create a clean look. Our vanity units offer cabinet drawers and cupboards in a range of sizes, from 400mm – 200mm wide, there is plenty of space to store your essentials. If you’re wanting to style your luxury items as part of the decor, our shower storage baskets, soap dispensers and bathroom shelves are the perfect options. They allow you to accessorise with your luxuries while creating a clean and uncluttered interior.


4. Complete the look with neutral fixtures and fittings

At Lusso, we offer an array of collections including matte black, brushed gold and brushed stainless. The signature colourways are perfectly suited to minimal aesthetics. Particularly the matte black range which pairs beautifully in contrast to white colour schemes. Black is a staple shade which works well with other staple shades such as white. Together the combination creates a powerful yet calm ambience. Pair our stone basins with matte black basin taps for a minimal look.

Create your minimalist bathroom with our collection of stone basins and baths along with our white vanity units and brassware

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