A timeline of Carrara marble 

One of our most luxurious types of marble, the Carrara marble is simply stunning, making it a go-to choice in both residential homes and lavish hotels. Known as Luna marble by the Romans, the Carrara collection at Lusso is one of our most coveted and precious marbles. We’ve highlighted the reasons just why Carrara is a reputable, trusted stone and just how far back its history goes. 

Beautifully Italian 

The luxury Carrara marble carries hundreds of years of history and continues to remain one of the most coveted forms of marble in the world. Sourced from the town of Carrara in the Italian region of Tuscany, the exclusive stone is renowned for its elegance and durability, making it one of the most trusted materials by architects and developers with its popularity dating right back to the early 1500s work of the artist and sculptor, Michelangelo. The Carrara marble remains true to its origins and is sourced by a large family workforce in Tuscany which continues to be passed down through generations. 

In Touch with Nature 

Carrara marble is not only beautiful in appearance but like many marbles, Carrara is environmentally friendly and is a purely natural source which is fully recyclable. 

One of a Kind 

With unique swathes and distinctive markings, the Carrara exudes Mediterranean opulence, defined by the purity of its whiteness and density of its subtle grey veining that swims through the honed surface. The Carrara is soft to the touch though is incredibly robust and resilient, and each piece of Carrara marble, be it a basin or a bath, benefits from being completely unique to any other of its kind. 

Around the world with Carrara 

Carrara’s mesmerising finish is one of the reasons why it’s a prize-art material. Michelangelo sculpted some of the world’s most classic and iconic pieces of artwork from the Carrara marble, including the Apollo-David and The Pieta. Monumental buildings around the world are also proudly crafted from the solid stone, including Rome’s ancient temple, known worldwide as the Pantheon, with the material also extending far and wide outside of Europe in which the coveted marble is the core material of George Washington’s statue in the National Museum of American History. 

From Process to Product

Carrara marble can be located in the beautiful Carrara quarries of Tuscany in Northern Italy, taking its name from the small port city of Carrara close by. The large quarries reach a height of 1500 metres above sea level and have been in operation for hundreds of years, quarrying the stunning marble for many architectural purposes, neoclassical to modern. The excavating of marble was once, in the 15th century,  carried out by inserting wooden pegs into cracks of the stone alongside water, causing the rock to crack further and split. Now, the process is much simpler and easier with a wire cable which is fitted in intervals with diamond-studded collars. Holes are then drilled into the mountain and the cable is threaded through the holes in a loop motion which is then driven at a high speed by an electric motor. The workers of the quarry remain to be praised for their efforts and hard work to naturally and ethically source the Italian Carrara.

Once the marble is quarried, it’s transported down to the coast of Livorno before being exported overseas. Lusso’s Carrara products are then expertly handcrafted and honed into beautiful shapes, from stone baths to stone basins and accessories. 

Here, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions on the Italian Carrara marble:

Q: Is Carrara marble good quality?

A: Carrara marble is incredibly durable due to its natural material and solid surface, making it the ideal material for products such as baths and basins with its ability to hold water and retain heat.

Q: How do you clean Carrara marble?

A: We advise cleaning Carrara marble at least once a week however in the instance of spillages, you should attend to it immediately. To clean the marble, you should use a diluted detergent or a neutral soap solution to gently clean the surface; always use a colourless, non-abrasive cloth and avoid harsh scrubbing. Once cleaned you should dry instantly.

Q: What Carrara marble products are available at Lusso?

A: At Lusso, our extensive selection of Carrara marble products include freestanding baths, basins and accessories. Our marble sinks are available in wall hung, freestanding and countertop styles. Our collection also extends to marble taps as part of the Porto range, with a selection of marble taps and bath fillers available in the opulent Carrara.

Explore the Carrara collection at Lusso.

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