Choosing a stone bath with Lusso…

Choosing a bath is one of the toughest decisions one can encounter; it’s determined by several factors including the space you’re working with, the look you’re aiming to achieve and the desired finish of the product. 

At Lusso, our freestanding baths are each beautifully unique, some are similar to others and some are complete opposites in appearance, though each of our stone baths have one characteristic in common – that they’re designed to achieve paralleled luxury to the next, ensuring grandeur and endless luxury bathing for as long as the bath is yours. 

Choosing a Shape 

To choose your bath shape, you must decipher the limits of the space your bath will sit. Is your bath going to become a grand focal point of a master suite or are you working with a restricted capacity? Once this is determined, you can eliminate those that won’t work and can narrow down the possible choices. For those with a tighter space, a freestanding bath that sits flush to the wall works beautifully; it still allows all the luxuries of a freestanding bath though with its capability to get closer to the wall than the average round or egg-shaped tub, it creates more space around it for other sanitaryware. Rectangular freestanding baths such as the Ethos or the Vado are ideal choices. 

For those with a larger-scale bathroom to work with, there are countless options; it’s simply depending on the look you’re aiming to achieve. The most popular option of the Lusso collection is the Picasso, coveted for its contemporary curves and simple styling abilities. For those seeking a more curvaceous tub, the Oasis is an undeniably great choice, defined by its soft sweeping curves. And for those looking to really wow the space, a large rounded stone bath is a perfect choice, including the Grande or the Notion. Lusso’s stone baths come in an array of size options ensuring that there’s something for everyone and every space, which is why our bestselling Picasso comes in larger models as well as a compact size

Choosing a Colour 

Are you a homeowner or proprietor that plays it safe and simple or are you the more daring type? When choosing the colour of your stone bath, which Lusso has many options, you must consider how you envision the overall theme of the bathroom to look. Are you looking to create a striking focal point or are you wanting to keep it tonal, minimal and elegant? Lusso’s collection composes a stark contrast, from the minimalist white through to deep black, with colours in between which include Pebble Grey, Grigio Earth and Charcoal – the ideal options for those looking for a bath that’s neither black or white. 

Our most popular model, the Picasso, the modern Monaco and the rounded Notion baths come in the earthy Silk options – Charcoal, Pebble Grey and Grigio Earth. Our beautiful black baths range from the contemporary Vetrina through to the subtly curved Benoit, the contemporary Hutton and the circular Palais. If you’re looking to achieve an industrial-themed bathroom, the Silk or black bath ranges are beautifully fitting and testament to this, the Vetrina Black Stone Bath can be found in the Penthouse Suite of the Equinox Hotel in New York City.

Choosing a Finish 

Matte, polished or in between? The two are heavily divergent, and depending on the look you’re aiming to achieve it’s important to go for the best and most suitable option tailored to you. Matte is loved for its smooth, silken appeal whereas polished is coveted for its reflective gleam. For those undecided, our recently launched dual finish is designed for those seeking the best of both with a silken polished interior and a smooth matte surface to the outside of the bath. There are many benefits of both surfaces which is why our luxurious dual finish provides the lavish duality of both. 

Which of our luxury stone baths would you choose? For any enquiries please feel free to get in touch with us and for those seeking inspiration, head over to the Lusso Instagram.

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