The Jadore collection – classic fluted baths

We’re always seeking ways to innovate and elevate in everything we do, which is why our latest collection of baths is unique, undeniably elegant and something completely new to the brand. 

We derive inspiration from some of the greatest arts and have done so since the inception of the Lusso brand, from our very first bath – the Picasso – that takes its inspiration from the work of the iconic artist, through to our Deco range that’s inspired by one of the most influential art movements to date. The latest range – the Jadore collection – takes style notes from one of the most elegant architectural features found within ancient Greece and reinvents it with our aesthetic of modern elegance. The result is three beautiful bathtubs, each that show similarities albeit are uniquely different. 

The three freestanding stone baths are beautifully crafted and have been finely hand-finished to achieve optimum quality and opulence, boasting beautiful fluting running throughout the surface of each bath. This iconic feature is commonplace within neoclassical architecture and can be often found on monumental buildings including Buckingham Palace, Paris’ Panthéon and the Maison Carrée ancient Roman temple. This striking feature was coveted for its elegant appeal and the illusional effect it had on light, and now this stylistic feature remains popular in modern interior design, placing elements of traditional style into contemporary homes. 

The Jadore I Freestanding Bath is perfectly sculpted with a symmetrical oval silhouette and holds a generous capacity for either end, double or single soaking. 

The Jadore II Freestanding Bath lends itself as a strikingly beautiful piece, again it’s symmetrical, however instead of adopting the oval shape, it honours a more contemporary shape – similar to our Designo bath – with subtle curves at either end. 

The Jadore III Freestanding Bath is completely rounded, allowing it to become an undeniable focal point of the bathroom or master suite. This stunning curved bath is the perfect option for double bathing. 

The time-consuming detail is just a small testament to the quality we enthuse at Lusso and the Jadore range, crafted by our expert artisans, adds further to the individuality and workmanship of the Lusso name. Each tub is finely engraved with the Lusso logo, signing off the product with our well-established signature.

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