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Life on the water – an interview with 2 Crew & A Cockapoo

Like all extreme makeovers, the background is just as inviting as the final result and when we discovered @2crewandacockapoo on Instagram, we couldn’t resist but find out more on the fascinating lives of Gabrielle, Callum and Bilston the Cockapoo as they spend their careers renovating canal boats.

We caught up with The Boat Fit couple, who recently featured on George Clark’s Amazing Spaces, to find out why they took on boat renovations, what life is like living on the water and what it was that made them choose Lusso. 

What was the initial inspiration that made you take on boat renovations?

“My partner and I decided that we wanted to live on a boat and because of my plumbing and building background, we were up for a fixer-upper. In the end, we went for a new build shell as this meant we could create exactly what we wanted and we wouldn’t have to worry about the hull of the boat. We spent a year fitting ours out, mainly on weekends and evenings fitting it around our full time jobs, but it was totally worth it because we created something we loved and a bit different from your bog-standard boat interior. Most boats are like old 70s caravans and we realised there was a gap in the market for something a bit more modern. After a cheeky feature on George Clarks Amazing Spaces and posting what we’d done on our social media, it just kind of snowballed. People wanted to live on the water but didn’t want to sacrifice their creature comforts or style and I love that I can help people create their own beautiful spaces that are fully set up for the continuous cruiser lifestyle.”

How many boats have you renovated? 

“I’ve done 5 full fit-outs and 4 assisted builds for those wanting to take it on themselves with a little help and advice for the more challenging parts.”

Could you give us a brief on this particular project? 

“The brief was to create an open and dynamic second home for a family of three. The boat had to have two bedrooms and they didn’t want to compromise on creature comforts, the feeling of light, space and style.”

Tell us which Lusso Stone products you have used and what it was that made you choose Lusso?

“We used the Lusso Short Projection Wall Mounted Basin Mixer Tap in Brushed Gold, Thermostatic Shower with Handheld Shower in Brushed Gold, Opulence Reeded Glass Complete Walk In Shower Enclosure and the Elegance Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Tap. We used Lusso under the client’s recommendation and absolutely loved working with the products. They added that extra bit of luxury as well as a bit of practicality as you can adjust your flow rates at the tap which is so great for boat life and keeping an eye on that water usage.”

You have been featured on George Clark’s Amazing Spaces for your outstanding projects, what was that like? 

“Being followed by Channel 4 was great. It meant our journey was documented and it pushed us to finish our build in a decent time frame. It took us the year but lots of self-builds can end up taking a lot longer than that.”

What is your favourite part about living on a boat?

“We love waking up on the water, always being aware of nature and the changing seasons without having to compromise on our creature comforts. It’s also made us so much more aware of our environmental footprint so we do everything we can to create builds that are as self-sufficient as possible.”

How did you find the service from Lusso Stone? 

“The service was great, everything arrived on time and the helpline service was an added bonus as it allowed me to double-check that the products would be compatible for the space.”

Are there any more exciting projects you have coming up that you would like to share with us? 

“We have several builds happening across the year but I think the most exciting is that we are actually building a new boat for ourselves which will double up as the showboat for clients to see what we create and Lusso will definitely be on our list of go-to products.”

We look forward to seeing many more boat renovations from Gabs, Callum and Bilston! For more amazing renovations and projects, head over to the Lusso Instagram!

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