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How to design a traditional home

Inspired by 18th and 19th century European design, traditional style incorporates classic art and antiques that are rich in history. Consistency is key when it comes to a traditional home with matching decor that creates a classic, warm, comforting interior. Traditional, timeless styles and classic decor will last forever in your home.

Colour Scheme

Colourful, eccentric decor, such as art and jewels, is the focal point of any traditional home, which is why a neutral colour palette is essential to allow those brighter shades pop. Dark, natural woods are a timeless classic that instantly gives the place an antique feel. Palettes can be bold and saturated or pale and soft, but traditional interior is never overwhelming. Blue, white and earthy tones are a classic, British palette that will create an elegant ambience.


Grand accessories are essential when it comes to a traditional home, it allows character and history to shine through. Gold and silver has been the epitome of luxury for thousands of years, and is often used in period homes. Our selection of brushed gold brassware is the perfect choice, or our Deco collection offers traditional products inspired by the 1920s Art Deco movement including polished nickel accessories, and cast iron baths that showcase striking geometry and beautiful symmetry. Wall panels add a contemporary appeal, while maintaining a classic look. They enhance the look of the space and add an impression of height to the room.


Whether your home is a Victorian or Edwardian build it’s a must to showcase its heritage and keep its beautiful structure in place. Embracing the beauty of its original state can enhance the traditional theme. Patterned floor tiles instantly show off your personality, embrace the bathroom’s history and create a traditional look. Furniture and textiles placed in a traditional home reference to history rather than contemporary trends.

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