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Earth Tones – how to add deep colour to a space without darkening the room

Although muted tones remain a popular choice in interior decor, this safe approach to decorating is slowly becoming overwritten by deeper, dusky tones, and when it’s done the correct way, it can create an ultimately beautiful look.

Although two years on since the birth of the pandemic, the DIY home decorating craze that was populated in lockdown is yet to fully disperse, with interior-crazed homeowners constantly finding themselves seeking their next decorating move. With this, the spike in bolder interiors has surfaced, encouraging homeowners to step away from the safe beiges, greiges and magnolias, and to indulge in a world of charcoal, deep greys and browns. Earth tones are the ultimate way to upgrade the interior with opulent albeit subdued taste and are often favoured by those with a penchant for deeper themes such as gunmetal and matte black. 

Early 2021, we launched our Silk Range – a collection of stone baths, basins and countertops available in three deep natural tones – and this was influenced by the spike in earthy colours that were becoming more prevalent in homes. Our Silk colourways include Charcoal, Grigio Earth and Pebble Grey.

How to style darker tones in a bathroom?

Styling darker tones in a bathroom can create industrial chic, whether you decide to offset the darker items against lighter backgrounds or whether you keep it tonal throughout, though care should be taken to ensure that you don’t overly dull the space. Incorporating darker tones isn’t about eliminating light, it’s about setting a deep mood to the space that still feels radiant and luxurious. To ensure this you should make sure there is still natural lighting able to get to the space and that you do still work in these lighter tones through decor, from towels to accessories: your darker tones still need small sources of brightness to really bring out and accentuate the earthy shades. Brassware is a key part of this, which is why those with a perfect sheen such as brushed gold and rose gold work beautifully, or for those aiming for an even darker theme, our gunmetal taps and accessories are a perfect choice. Matte white is also one that shouldn’t be ruled out if you really want to create striking contrasts in colour. 

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