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BRUSHED GOLD: Creating a Superior Finish

Attention to detail is the hallmark of a luxury experience – the turndown service at a five star hotel, the hand-sewn stitches of a bespoke suit, and the gleaming brassware of a spa-grade bathroom. At Lusso, we’re committed to delivering superior quality and that’s reflected in every inch of our collections and the materials we use to create them, from the world’s finest stones and marbles, to precision-engineered components such as our Swiss-made aerators designed for smooth, continuous water flow.

Testament to this commitment is the calibre of the brushed gold finish that’s applied across many of our showers, enclosures, taps, and bathroom accessories. While other brands simply use surface paint to coat fixtures and fittings, through rigorous testing we know that leads to blemishes, deep scratches, and erosion that reveals the base materials, as well as a tell-tale artificial hue of green or yellow that betrays the desired finish of authentic gold

Lusso’s brassware is commercial grade quality and coated using a cutting edge technique known as Physical Vapor Deposition, which offers maximum protection against metallic corrosion and damage from many household chemicals. As well as unrivalled durability that enables us to offer a 15-year guarantee on our brassware, the high-tech finishing process also ensures that we deliver an impeccable aesthetic. After our fixtures and fittings are undercoated with a protective shield of nickel, they’re metallurgically bonded with a tarnish-free brushed gold surface, resulting in a lustrous and flawless finish that’s not only incredibly strong but also has the true colour integrity of the precious metal.

You can see our brushed gold accessories featured in many house projects, including lifestyle blogger of the Pram Shed, Claire Moran’s South East London home. She said: “As soon as I saw the Brushed Gold finish I was totally sold on it. Throughout the house we have a lot of gold and brass tones. It’s the small details that really count, including gold lighting and gold bathroom fittings that can really help tie a house together.”

We are pleased to provide this contemporary, luxurious bathroom with our opulent brushed gold products. The shine of the matte gold gleams against the immaculate white tiles of this modern decor, brightening up every corner of this space and adding the finishing flawless touches. 

We love the appearance of our brassware accessories in this bathroom project. Explore the Brushed Gold look along with many of our other collections at Lusso.  For exclusive information on our luxury products, make sure to sign up to our newsletter:

Products include: Thermostatic Shower, Basin Monobloc Mixer Tap, Rimless Toilet and Flush Plate, Picasso Countertop Basin, Toilet Roll Holder and Robe Towel Hook

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