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2021 Lusso Projects – Our Favourites – Part 1

With the new year closing in, we wanted to share with you some of our favourite projects of 2021. It has been an incredible year of house renovations, hotel developments and interior design projects and we’re pleased to have supplied our products on many occasions.

We’ve compiled our top design projects of the year, from Scandinavian themed ensuites to luxurious master bathrooms, each showcasing distinctive decor styles. Do you have an upcoming project for 2022? Take a look at these Lusso projects for design inspiration… 


Carried out by interior designer, Ursula Tucker, this elegant Victorian home received an extreme makeover, transforming the neglected space into a contemporary master ensuite that hasn’t lost its traditional charm. This space features our statement Picasso Freestanding Bath in matte white – a signature of the Lusso Stone range. 


From Bric Interiors, this master bathroom is fitting with those found in luxury hotels, creating a beautiful space of relaxation and serenity. Featuring our Egg Shell Bath in our bestselling, opulent matte finish, this pairs perfectly with our Brushed Gold Brassware, demonstrating regal beauty at its finest. This window-side tub captures beautiful cityscape views. 


Interior designer, Hala Al-Ashmawi, takes great influence from artist Pablo Picasso and his use of pure, clean lines. Incorporating this into her work, Hala opts for simple, elegant shapes before adopting colour. This bathroom is the epitome of five-star beauty, showcasing our stunning Carrara Marble Fiori Freestanding Basin – a product of ultimate grandeur. 


In this master bathroom, our stunning Oval Freestanding Bath performs as a luxurious centrepiece, complemented by our timeless Brushed Gold Brassware and Claridge Vanity Unit. We’re loving the seamless blend between tradition and contemporary, a truly decadent bathroom designed to perfection by interior design studio, Jeffreys Interiors. 


This project captures the beauty of the unique and distinctive Panda marble. The Asian-sourced marble is defined by its crisp white surface with broad weaves of black and gunmetal swathes. Shown in this image, Panda marble undeniably adds character to an interior and this WC is the epitome of this, exuding a luxury and exotic theme within its styling. 


The seamless blend between Parisian and Victorian elegance was what initially drew our attention to the Moreton Grange project. This 1850 build displays beautiful interior design, home to our stunning Notion Freestanding Bath as the focal point of the master bedroom/bathroom as well as our Oasis Basins and Brushed Gold Brassware. This is one of several Lusso bathrooms in the property and is the perfect blending of interior themes. 


Interior designer, Saeja, has worked closely with Lusso on several of her projects and this kitchen is an undeniable favourite. Clean, contemporary and fitting to her Icelandic influence, Saeja has used our Flow Single Lever Kitchen Mixer Tap in Brushed Gold that looks exceptional in this minimal themed kitchen.


Utility inspiration at its finest is on hand from @sumner_and_rye – showcasing a strong green backdrop from the Little Greene Paint Company and equally stylish checkerboard styles that sport everything from classic and glamorous to rich and eclectic. Complete with wall panelling, artwork and a hint of gold, the Lusso bathroom fittings and Matte Black Brassware work beautifully.


Kingfishers Nest is one of our favourite projects of the year, exploring the beauty of Scandinavian minimalism in the heart of the British countryside. This log cabin is home to our Egg Shell Freestanding Bath in Polished White, complete with our matching Egg Shell Basins and Matte Black Brassware, creating a fine fusion between rustic and Scandi style. Read more on this project here. 

Japandi is a theme that’s risen to prominence with homeowners, finding serenity in the naturalistic, woody elements of the decor. This spacious master bathroom demonstrates perfect use of Japandi styling, incorporating wood panelling, plants and our best selling matte finish, including our Notion Bath and Thinn Double Vanity Unit with Stone Basin.

These are just a few of the outstanding projects we’ve observed throughout the year, each unique to one another albeit each denoting luxury aesthetic. Keep your eyes peeled for part two, coming tomorrow! 

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