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Redefining Sustainable Luxury

At Lusso, we believe that every enterprise and individual is collectively accountable for the protection of our planet. Ecological responsibility is an integral part of our business, and we’re committed to adopting progressive measures to minimise our carbon footprint and help conserve our environment for future generations. 

Guaranteed Longevity 

The exceptional quality, craftsmanship and timeless aesthetic of our collections is testament to our belief that beautiful items should be built to last. We don’t produce short-lived items destined for landfill – we intentionally use materials with intrinsic durability, and we offer a 15 year guarantee on our brassware and a lifetime promise on our stone and marble baths and basins.

We also provide an aftercare service to our customers to offer ongoing advice and support on how to care for their Lusso products, maintain their quality, and ensure that they continue to enjoy them for many years to come. 

Natural Materials 

We predominantly use natural materials in our collections. Our baths and basins are made from stone and marble, which we ethically source from suppliers that are committed to the sustainable use of quarry resources. 

To support the environmentally appropriate and socially beneficial management of the world’s forests, the wood used in our products is FSC certified, which means it’s responsibly harvested. We also avoid the use of toxic chemicals or glazes in our production processes. 

Recycled Packaging 

The protective packaging we use to ensure that your items are safe and secure during transit is made from a combination of renewable, biodegradable and recycled materials. We avoid plastics wherever possible, and our packaging procedures have been designed to reduce waste through the use of minimal materials.

Eco-Friendly Offices 

As well as ensuring that our working spaces are as comfortable as possible for our teams, we’ve implemented a number of measures and policies to reduce our carbon footprint within our operational environments. Our offices are free from single-use plastics and furnished with energy and water-efficient assets and appliances. We use sustainable alternatives for consumables wherever possible, and we have in-office recycling facilities.

At our headquarters we’ve also installed charge points for electric vehicles, providing free power for our employees and visitors and pro-actively supporting the reduction of carbon emissions. 

Continuous Improvement 

We understand that sustainability isn’t a single target or achievement, it’s a continual journey of incremental change. In addition to the measures highlighted here, we regularly review and improve our production processes, from design and development to customer aftercare, to ensure we’re doing everything we can for a brighter, greener future. 

This article is taken from the Lusso Luxury Living magazine. Find out more information here.

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