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Introducing the Lusso Luxury Living Magazine- Issue 1

Following on from the production and success of our coffee table book, we are delighted to introduce to you, our first Lusso Magazine. Designed and created to capture the luxury standards we enthuse, our magazine offers a great insight into the Lusso brand with features from high-end brands and designers alike. 

Like all luxury products, brand association is key, and at Lusso, we are no different. For the first instalment of the Lusso Magazine, we’ve worked in partnership with other leading luxury brands to deliver over 100 pages of industry interviews, Q&A’s and features with some of the world’s most renowned interior designers, automotive designers, architects, and many more, including in-depth editorials with Swiss watchmakers Patek Phillipe, and the gold standard in motoring, Rolls Royce Black Badge. 

As well as this, expect a great insight into the Lusso brand with a breakdown of our three collections: Lusso, Deco, and Pietra, alongside a selection of client projects from around the world; from beautiful hotel projects in New York City to residential projects such as @thepramshed and @halfminimalhome

Alongside the finished result of a Lusso project, go behind the scenes as we go in-depth with some of the key members who assist in the day-to-day operations at Lusso Stone, as well as the work and dedication that goes into creating your bespoke Lusso products. 

Our Lusso magazine is a celebration of craftsmanship, quality, exclusivity, and creative expression, with a focus to design aesthetic, heritage, and responsibility. Each quality is a characteristic we strive to innovate at Lusso Stone, and aims in which we aspire to achieve each day in becoming the leading homeware department store.

If you would like a copy of the Lusso Luxury Living Magazine, please get in touch on our socials and we will be happy to issue you a copy.

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