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In conversation with… the Lusso Sales Team

The Lusso sales team are on hand to deliver outstanding services to both past and present clients. Through passion and dedication, our team have unmatched skills and expertise, all that are put to practice to help each of them deliver a service that’s second to none while helping you achieve your desired luxury home.

Each day our sales team provides one hundred percent commitment, ensuring our clients are left satisfied and fulfilled with their experience. The team has given us an insight into their roles, including their daily duties and responsibilities, why they’re proud to be part of the Lusso team and what they truly define as luxury…

Mike, Sales Team Leader

Neil, Sales Consultant

Mark, Sales Consultant

Jay, Senior Sales Consultant

George, Sales Executive

Callum, Sales Consultant

Check out our sales team on social media and don’t hesitate to contact for any enquiries either by message, email or by calling 020 3370 4057.

@mike_lusso @jay_lusso @neil_lusso @callum_lusso @george_lusso @mark_lusso

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