A closer look at Deco…

After the recent announcement of our latest collection- Deco – we are pleased to announce its official launch. After months of innovation and research, the collection is now live on site with traditional vanity units, brassware and accessories, with our traditional roll-top baths coming soon…

Deco is a beautiful blend between Art Deco and modern interior design, fusing design cues that rose to prominence in the glamorous 1920s with those found in contemporary homes today, including the distinctive use of geometrics and symmetry. The Art Deco trend remains a favourite in home interiors and our Deco collection is a fitting homage, with particular references to the iconic pioneer and designer, Emile Jacques-Ruhlmann. 

Deco Cast Iron Bath

Deco Vanity Units 

Our Deco vanity units are a tasteful choice, designed to add palatial status to your home. The bathroom vanity units are available in three styles – the Eaton, Charsley and Connaught – and come in sizes 600 to 1600mm to ensure a size for all homes. Crafted from durable marine grade plywood and crowned by our luxurious Carrara marble, the vanity units are aesthetically in keeping with the Art Deco movement, featuring cove ogee bevelling, perfect symmetry, distinctive geometry and Dupont edging. 

Deco Gainsborough Mirrors

A mirror is an essential component of any bathroom, particularly suited to those with smaller dimensions, due to its capability to visually enlarge a space. Our Gainsborough mirrors offer elegant simplicity, making them work exceptionally well within both modern and traditional bathrooms. The Gainsborough, that fits flush to the wall, comes in a selection of sizes for perfect placement above a Deco vanity unit, as well as featuring a small shelf for accessories and self-care products. 

Eton Polished Nickel Brassware

Our Eton brassware is the embodiment of regal elegance, designed to achieve flawless finishes in your luxury bathroom. The Eton taps and accessories are crafted from solid stainless steel and are finished in a coating of polished nickel, resulting in exceptionally crafted products outlined by an elevating warm glow. In keeping with the Art Deco inspirations, the Eton collection pays focus to the prominent sunburst motifs of the 1920s. 

Deco Cast Iron Baths

Luxurious bathing is paramount at Lusso, which is why our Deco baths – and also the first cast iron baths to be introduced to the Lusso brand – have been designed to exceptional standards. Available in three styles – the Connaught, Ellington and the Charsley – the baths are fitting to the Art Deco influence, from the perfect use of symmetry for either end bathing to intricate geometry, each hand finished for unique luxury. In durable cast iron, the Deco roll-top baths are beautiful in design and quality, ensuring unrivalled heat retention while paying tribute to one of the most iconic movements to date. Our cast iron baths are coming soon to Lusso…

Each piece from our Deco collection is available in three tasteful colours – matte white, matte stone and matte cream – and for those looking to add their own touch, a primed option is available to allow you to get fully creative with your roll-top bath, vanity unit or mirror.

#LussoCreative is something completely different to anything we’ve done before and we look forward to seeing how you add your own bespoke touch. Keep your eyes peeled for the official launch of Lusso Creative, coming soon…

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