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Lusso x Camber Beach House

Situated in the heart of Camber Sands, East Sussex, is the beautiful Camber Beach House. As soon as we set our eyes on this project, we knew we needed to find out more. Featuring six bedrooms, five bathrooms and a luxurious outdoor bathing space, this beach house is the perfect family escape that truly embraces the term indoor-outdoor living. 

We recently got in touch with Maggie from Camber Beach House who told us all about the project, the reason she chose Lusso products, and the inspiration behind the ingenious outdoor bathing space. 

Can you give us some background on the beach house project?

We first came down to Camber for my husband’s 50th birthday a few years ago for a weekend of beginners kitesurfing at the Kitesurf Centre. I had no idea such beautiful sandy beaches existed so close to London. We were on the beach in under 2 hours on a Friday evening after work. We had a great weekend, ate at a few local restaurants and did a bit of sightseeing. After that weekend I knew I wanted to buy a place for weekends at the beach with the hope of renting it out when we weren’t using it. It took a year to convince my husband but finally, he gave in, and I went house hunting with my Cocker Spaniel Sammy in tow. That’s one of the things I love so much about Camber; it is so dog friendly, even the restaurants welcome dogs.

How did you envisage Camber Beach House to look when initially designing it?

 I knew I wanted it to be super comfortable and welcoming foremost, basically a relaxed beach house. The name gave me a lot of inspiration, I wanted it to be a bit Cali cool with the colours of the sunset so I’ve used pinks and golds throughout the property, and I think it has a bit of a bohemian and feminine vibe. But not too much, I didn’t want it to feel ‘novelty’ and I also wanted my husband to feel comfortable in the space so the property has a lot of modern details too. 

What attracted you to Lusso products?

I love gold. The gold taps drew me initially. I liked the simplicity of the gold against the clean lines of the white stone resin. In the end, I went for everything Lusso so it all matched- the WCs, baths, basins, vanity units, and taps. I think it looks glamorous but also timeless, I think the bathrooms will age well.

What is your favourite Lusso product you have used for the project?

It’s hard to choose, but I like the gold exposed thermostatic shower unit the best. I used it outside and in the two downstairs bathrooms. It has a vintage look to it and I think it would work in any interior style. Of course, the baths are pretty amazing too, I particularly like the Picasso range. 

What was the inspiration behind the outdoor bath and shower area?

The outdoor shower is very useful for washing off after kitesurfing and days at the beach. It gets used a lot and it is where we wash Sammy, so no more sandy paws traipsing through the house. The bath is because ‘why not?’. Camber Beach House is a holiday home and that means we actually have the time for long baths when we are there. We get really beautiful sunsets in the garden and how better to enjoy it than soaking in a tub with a glass of rose champagne. I got the bigger Picasso so there is room for two. I imagine it will be a really fun place for guests to wash their kids at the end of the day before bedtime. They can splash around to their heart’s content without making a mess. 

How was your experience dealing with deliveries and customer service from Lusso?

 We ordered during the whole Brexit and Covid situation so there was a delay at the ports. However, we got it all in the end and the customer service department always got back to me straight away. 

Do you have any more projects planned for the future?

Yes, I have more plans. I have just finished Sumi Beach House in Camber, a smaller project but again it has all Lusso products throughout. I’m having the rest of the year off but after that, I will be on the hunt for another bungalow by the beach to renovate. I have lots of Pinterest boards and for each project, I would like to indulge my creative side and go with a different style. For the next project, I’d like to create a black and white theme, with lots of wood. So I’ll be looking at the black tap range for my next renovation.

We love this project and the concept behind it, perfect for enjoying the stunning English sunset in the outdoor tub, before heading onto the beach. Who else would love to stay here? Make sure to sign up to the Lusso newsletter to keep up to date with the latest launches and news from Lusso.

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