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Client Project- 11 Keigwin Place

This Cornish cottage has got to be one of our all-time favourites- a beautiful and romantic retreat. As soon as we set our eyes on 11 Keigwin Place, we had to find out more. Read on as the owner of Keigwin Place, Louise, tells us all about this amazing Cornwall escape.

Can you give us some background on 11 Keigwin Place? 

11 Keigwin Place is a 100-year-old Cornish cottage tucked away in the most historical part of Mousehole, Cornwall.  Mousehole is a beautiful traditional fishing village with a strong artists’ heritage.  Keigwin Place is located alongside what was Keigwin Manor, where Squire Keigwin was killed in 1595 defending his house against a raid from the Spaniards when all other buildings in the village were destroyed.

The design of the cottage is very Scandinavian, where did you get the inspiration from when designing, and what was it that made you go for this look?

 The exterior of the cottage is black and white, which we retained as part of the renovations.  It was very important to me to choose a style that carried through the traditional black and white theme, in harmony with a modern twist.  The Scandinavian style evolved by creating a mood board of white, accented with matte black married with wood, greenery, and feature lighting.  Each room was then mapped out with these consistent elements to keep it clean and minimal, whilst still cosy and luxurious.  As the space is compact, I decided to focus on giving couples’ a luxury retreat rather than trying to fit in too many components that would be needed for a family.  It has certainly worked and has been booked for quite a few honeymoons. The freestanding bath in the bedroom suite is a definite winner.

What elements did you consider when designing the bathroom?

In the bedroom suite, I wanted the bath to be the wow factor that would work perfectly with the modern four-poster bed.  The white stone with a matte black metal trim just fit perfectly with the Scandi theme throughout and stood on the lit plinth we created gives it a dramatic platform.  The shower room is a tricky space, as the walls are not straight and there’s a low ceiling.  Therefore, the layout was planned carefully to maximise the use of the floor space and ceiling height, with light being a key consideration. I used the matte black shower, basin, taps and toilet flush as the accent elements against a predominantly white space to maximise the use of light, with oak panelling to provide a focused backdrop. 

What attracted you to Lusso Stone products?

The quality of the fixtures and fittings from Lusso Stone is second to none.  I wanted products that would feel high-end to the touch as well as by sight.  It was also very important that the products were built to last with continued use in a holiday let.

What made you choose our Luxe Bath?

The black and white design fit perfectly with the Scandi theme.  In addition, it is a statement piece that I was very eager to source for the bedroom suite.

What is your favourite Lusso Stone product that you have used for your project?

The Luxe bath!

How was your experience dealing with deliveries and customer service from Lusso Stone? 

Excellent. Delivery to a small Cornish village is tricky and your team were on hand to help.  The responses and lead times were also exemplary.

Can you give us an insight into the new project that you’re working on?

Yes, it’s a huge project! A three-storey building in Mousehole with amazing sea views that needs a new lease of life.  We plan to transform the exterior by adding lots of glass in dark frames, coupled with white render and natural wooden cladding.  We will then take this Scandi style through to the interior which will be very open plan, with lots of white walls, wooden floors, feature lighting and greenery.  There will be two bathrooms, one with a large walk-in shower and one with a freestanding bath.  We would again like to use Lusso Stone products to give the high-end finish we are striving to create.

11 Keigwin Place is most certainly on our list of places to stay, who else is adding this to their travel bucket list? Book your stay here.

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