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Choosing a Bathroom Suite with Lusso- Part Two

At Lusso Stone, we make sure that all aspects are taken care of when it comes to choosing a bathroom suite. Our collection stems from bold and dramatic interiors to subtly elegant, ensuring there’s something for each design style. Our luxury bathroom suites provide everything needed; you just make the decision on the theme and aesthetic. If you haven’t already, check out part one here. Scroll down for information on the stunning Vasca, Designo and Oasis bathroom suites. 

The Oasis Suite

The Oasis Suite really says it all in the name; a space that offers an oasis of true tranquility. The Oasis Freestanding Bath is one of the most distinctive shapes of the Lusso collection, defined by its soft feminine curves and chic scooped sides, creating the epitome of spa-like luxury. The Oasis Suite is a space of rustic glamour, allowing you to sink back and relax in the freestanding tub surrounded by the warm woody notes of the Dorchester Grey Oak Vanity Unit. Creating the essence of a hotel bathroom, the Oasis ticks all the boxes in both classic and contemporary design. View the full Oasis suite here.

The Designo Suite 

If minimalist settings are your thing, the Designo was designed with you in mind. Accented by its monochrome theme, the Designo Suite offers subtle beauty. The shape of the Designo Freestanding Bath is eye-catching in itself, offering a symmetrical silhouette with a crisp white, smooth surface. The Gobain Vanity Unit delivers a touch of modern grandeur to the space with its beautiful black tone that accentuates the pure white surface of the bath. Finishing off the Designo suite is our beautiful and contemporary Matte Black finishes, delivering an interior driven by modern sophistication. View the full Designo Suite here

The Vasca

The Vasca Suite radiates luxury through its palatial gold finishes and smooth white surfaces. This regal aesthetic provides a bathroom suite that’s both modern and traditional and highlights this through its symmetrical shapes and linear lines- a clear nod to the Art Deco movement. Finished by resplendent brushed gold, the Vasca suite provides tranquility at its finest. View the full Vasca Suite here

Out of our beautiful bathroom suites, which one would you choose? All of our bathroom suites are also sold as separate products. 

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