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Choosing a Bathroom Suite with Lusso- Part One

The bathroom has become the most tranquil place in the home, a destination of relaxation and serenity. With these qualities comes the design; with the need to be desirable to your taste and to fulfil the essence you want to achieve in your space. 

Our luxury bathroom suites at Lusso Stone helps to make the choice for you whilst compromising on your specific style. Our bathroom collections cater to all tastes and themes of decor, whether that’s resplendent gold finishes or dramatic matte black centre points. Scroll below for our guide on how to choose a bathroom suite, helping you create your own hotel luxury in the comfort of your own home. 

The Zurra Suite

Uniquely dramatic in both its name and appearance, the Zurra suite is unafraid to stand out. Aimed at fans of a maximalist interior, the appeal of the Zurra is breathtaking. Bold black is the focal colour of this suite, accentuated by its crisp white surroundings to truly highlight its dramatic characteristics. Alongside its other components, the Zurra consists of two head-turning centrepieces- the Lucid Freestanding Bath and the Lucid Freestanding Basin, drawing attention due to the solid black silhouette and curved edges. Styled perfectly against our matte white and matte black finishes, the Zurra gives off monochromatic beauty. View the full Zurra Suite here. 

The Deco Suite

The Deco suite delivers traditional design for a modern bathroom. Created with decadent brushed gold and linear lines, the Deco collection reflects the elegant theme of the 1920s, transforming your space into a contemporary take on Art Deco. This luxury bathroom suite is ideal for airy interiors, given a warm feel thanks to the rich brushed gold finishes sitting perfectly against our crisp white stone. The Deco bathroom range consists of the timeless Deco Stone Resin Bath, a sleek square-edged shape with geometrical finishes, similar to the Deco Freestanding Vanity Unit that complements it. The rest of the space is finished with pure white stone against our luxury brushed gold brassware and accessories- an escape back in time to statement decor of the 20s. View the full Deco Suite here

The Picasso Suite

The Picasso Freestanding Bath comes as the most popular option of our luxury stone baths. This is no surprise as the appeal of the Picasso is subtly stunning. The Picasso says nothing more than clean and contemporary, fusing all white everything against modern, industrial matte black finishes to create a monochromatic contrast. The modern Picasso suite elevates the space thanks to its curvaceous edging that is consistent across the room. This opulent bathroom is guaranteed to create tranquil beauty whether placed in a family home or an up-market hotel. View the full Picasso Suite here. 

Which of these luxury bathroom collections would you go for? Read part two and shop our stone baths here.

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