Pietra Marble, An Introduction: Part Two

If you haven’t already checked it out, view Part one of our Pietra marble guide here for information on the Panda, Arabescato, Pietra Grey and the Carrara marble. Scroll down for more information on other luxurious Pietra marble, including Pietra Amazon Blue and Tiffany marble.

Amazon Blue

The appeal of Amazon Blue offers escapism to a tranquil destination, through oceanic blue underlays with a sea of white and grey rippling through its surface- a seamless blend between nature and beauty. Amazon Blue sits beautifully against brushed gold finishings for a rich interior that’s both tasteful and timeless. 

Product Featured: Pietra Calla Amazon Blue Marble Basin 700


Pietra Tiffany marble is a guaranteed focal point of any bathroom or ensuite, a unique and distinctive marble quarried from the mountains of Chelyabinsk, Russia. Find a taste of luxury with smoked emerald green broken up by mulberry hues and golden cream accents. These natural tones complement stark black threading adding the finishing touch. The final product of Tiffany marble is enough to add palatial status to the interior.

Product Featured: Pietra Tucci Tiffany Marble Basin 300


Pietra Volakas marble showcases pure beauty. Reflecting the nature of its Greek origins, Volakas marble is defined by its soft white base with waves of silver angst, accented by crystallised gemstones radiating its surface.

Product Featured: Pietra Rossi Volakas Marble Freestanding Basin 500

Crema Marfil

Crema Marfil is a marble of propriety, said to be the greatest ivory marble in the world. Formed 66 million years ago, this historical pearly calcite stone defines tasteful luxury, heightened by its subtle threading of burnt cinnamon throughout. 

Product Featured: Pietra Coco Crema Marfil Marble Basin 400

Blue Limestone

Blue by name and black by nature, Pietra Blue limestone is both dramatic and subtle. Its understated allure appeals to the modern and contemporary bathroom with its bold design carried by delicate grains swimming through its surface.

Product Featured: Pietra Coco Blue Limestone Marble Basin 400

Peruse through the beautiful collection of Pietra marble at lussostone.com. Part three of our Pietra guide is coming to the blog soon.

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