Pietra Marble, An Introduction: Part One

Pietra marble, part of the Lusso collection, is the ultimate personification of grandeur, a palatial upgrade to your living space. 

Pietra marble is as breathtaking as it comes, defining opulence with every opportunity. Whether that comes in the form of a marble stone bath, marble basin or marble kitchen sink, the ways to transform the home with this beautiful rock are endless. Including Arabescato, Bolivian Blue, and the rare Tiffany, explore truly unique stone marble extracted from some of the world’s most exquisite locations, ideal for creating those ‘wow’ moments in your home. 

Pietra showcases a plethora of tones that reflect natural beauty, with tasteful hues accented by distinctive threads of contrast. From kaleidoscopic canvases in oceanic colours, smoky greens to greyscale, create your unique interior with the selection from Pietra… 


Nothing says Panda as much as bold monochromatic statements. Originating from China, Pietra Panda marble is accentuated by its crisp white background with deep, greyscale strokes. Occasional hues of heritage green and almond may run through its black and white canvas, taking the extraordinaire of the product one step further. 

Product Featured: Pietra Muse Panda Marble Bath 1700

Pietra Grey

A smoky grey base with bronzed hazelnut undertones, Pietra Grey is deeply tranquil. This beautiful marble is extracted from the province of Isfahan, Iran, with its velvety surface forming the foundation for rich copper and gold glints to appear.

Products Featured: Pietra Lomazzo Countertop Vanity Unit Pietra Grey Marble 1400 & Pietra Sala Pietra Grey Marble Counter Top Basin 400


Quarried from the alps of Italy, the exquisite Carrara creates a serene awakening. Each piece of Carrara marble is completely unique to any other of its kind, characterised by its blankety white base with grey fog meandering through its structure. The pure aesthetic of the Carrara is complemented by gemstone crystallisation showcasing pure glints of light. 

Product Featured: Pietra Designo Carrara Marble Bath 1780


Bring a unique touch to the living space with the popular Arabescato marble, originating from the North of Italy. Its crisp foundation provides a clean and contemporary space for its gunmetal grey waves to explore its surface. Inky black and mulberry hues sweep through with decorative caramel brushstrokes to finish off this elegant marble. 

Product Featured: Pietra Vernante Vanity Unit with Arabescato Marble Basin 1200

Keep your eyes on our blog for Pietra Marble, An Introduction: Part Two for more information on the Pietra brand and the other exquisite forms of marble we produce at Lusso.

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