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Customer Profile: LUSSO Stone / Another.House.Renovation

The lastest in our series which profiles our incredible clients, and the amazing projects they have undertaken, is (also known as Alex!). When we started to see this unique project come to life, we had to get in contact to get some more details!

How would you describe your design style? 

 guess my style is contemporary, a bit bohemian. I like saturated bold colours and natural textures.

Can you give us some background on your project? 

We bought a 3 bedroom 1950s house and pretty much doubled it in size by extending the side, back and up into the loft. Creating a master bedroom with an impressive hotel-style bathroom was really important to us (me!)

What attracted you to Lusso Stone products? 

I knew I wanted a big round bath to be positioned in the middle of a piece of glass looking out to the garden. I looked online and found the beautiful Lusso stone bath and immediately fell in love with it. The shape, the edges, and the finish were just perfect. 

What finish did you opt for, and how did this tie in with your decor & overall style? 

We went for the white, matte finish which looks so beautiful amongst the cedar cladding. 
Once we found the bath we then had the tough decision of what size to opt for. The piece of glass was 1.5m wide however knew the 1500mm bath was going to be tight with the cladded wall and shower screen either side so originally thought we’d get the 1300mm. I remember, one evening with a glass of wine, trying to replicate the bath with chairs and cushions in our rather small rental bungalow to get an idea of the sizes of both baths, needless to say they took up most of the living room.
We were chuffed when our builder confirmed that the 1500mm was doable, it fits beautifully and there is so much space in there; The 5 of us (myself, my husband and our 3 kids, age 3 and 2 year old twins) regularly have baths together, despite it supposedly being an adult only bathroom!!

How was your experience dealing with Deliveries & Customer Service from Lusso Stone?

Really great. I had a panic just before the bath was delivered that we wouldn’t actually be able to get it in to the house. I called Lusso stone who gave me some tips and talked me through how other customers usually manoeuvre it. Nevertheless it turned into a military operation, lifting it through the window with a winch!

What has been favourite Lusso Stone product?

The bath!!! It just adds such a wow factor to the house and everyone loves it. I must say our Lusso stone double basin does also finish the room off very well indeed.

What projects do you have planned for the future? 

My husband and I have recently set up a property company and have 2 projects on the go at the moment. One of which we’re intending to mostly ‘up-cycle’ which I’m really excited about; the challenge of transforming a space with a small budget. The other is a bit of a rejig/refurb. I love getting my hands on a floor plan then spending a few hours on google sketch up creating a better space. Then it’s just a case of seeing it all come together, and hoping my measurement are correct!!!

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