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Lusso x Claire Moran Designs – a Luxury Loft project

We love seeing Lusso products come to life in people’s homes, and certain projects really stand out! We got in touch with one of our amazing clients and lifestyle blogger Claire Moran, who runs her own design business and blog.

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Claire’s project stood out to us for a number of reasons, from the mix of textures and finishes to the contrast in colours used. We contacted Claire to talk to her about her recent renovation, Lusso, and plans for the future.

How would you describe your design style?

The interior design style that I have strived to achieve in our house is a full mix of modern, minimalist and contemporary, combined with dark and light paint colours and geometric patterns throughout. The house was built in 1910, and a loft conversion was added prior to us moving in and we have added a new ground floor extension in the past two years. It was important to me to keep the new areas of the house modern whilst trying to retain or add back in some of the more traditional elements of an Edwardian house into the original areas but with a more modern feel to it, as this house had sadly no original features left in it. 

Can you give us some background on your project? 

Our loft conversion was completed by the previous owners and having renovated and extended the rest of the house it felt out of place and no longer fitted with my interior design style and vision. My aim was to make our loft conversion a place of luxury and a place where we could escape too. 

I wanted to take elements from the rest of the house including the same chevron floor that we have in the kitchen and some of the monochrome tones that we have in the downstairs. We worked closely with our builders MPRM Design & Build who helped us to redesign and update the layout of our loft conversion achieving my vision of an almost open plan bathroom and master bedroom separated by a wall of reeded glass steel doors. The project is finished and I am really happy with the end result, it definitely paid off creating mood boards for it last year and researching lots of different design styles and ways to add patterns and textures to the space.

What attracted you to Lusso products? 

Throughout the house, we have a lot of gold and brass tones, and I wanted this thread to run up into our loft conversion. It’s the small details that really count including light switches, plug sockets, hinges, gold lighting, and gold bathroom fittings that can really help tie a house together.

I was also really impressed with the quality of products from Lusso, and as our loft bathroom is our main bathroom used by my husband and me, quality of product and quality of finish were really important to us. 

What finish did you opt for, and how did you tie this in with the accessories/ decor/ style? 

As soon as I saw the Brushed Gold finish I was totally sold on it. I knew that it would work well with the wall and floor tiles from Mandarin Stone, and our black reeded panelling that features on our bathroom cupboard and on the walls in the bedroom. It’s also a really close colour match to the lighting from Dowsing and Reynolds in the bedroom. Plus I also really liked the full gold framed shower screen and having one huge pane of glass. 

We chose in brushed gold thermostatic shower with handheld shower, the tall mixer tap for a countertop sink, flush plate, basin waste, matching toilet roll holder, and robe hooks. In addition to this, we also bought the wall hung rimless toilet including the cistern, the Picasso Stone Countertop Basin which is a really good size, and the 1400mm x 900mm resin low profile shower tray. The shower tray, waste, and screen came as one kit which made the ordering process even easier. 

How was your experience with deliveries & customer service from Lusso? 

Really good especially during Covid and Brexit times. The items did arrive on two separate deliveries, and luckily the items that our builders needed for the first fix and to lay the shower tray for tiling the floor arrived first. I found the entire process easy and Lusso customer service was quick to provide a date for the second delivery. 

What has been your favourite Lusso product? 

I think it must be the shower, it’s beautiful. Also, the sink and tap are stunning too, and I love how they look on our black veined Silestone sink worktop, and how well it works with our tiles from Mandarin Stone. A top tip from me for the shower is that we placed the valves outside of the shower area so there’s no chance of getting a cold or wet arm when you turn it on. 

What projects do you have planned for the future? 

It’s true what they say that house renovations really never stop, and I definitely have the bug. Now that the loft is done there’s a fairly big job of renovating our landing and stairs and I would like to change some of the woodwork from white to black. We’re also at the very early stages of thinking about adding a pergola at the end of the garden to catch the afternoon sun.

Special thanks to:

Tiles from: @mandarinstoneofficial | Design & Build: @mprmdesignbuild | Crittal Doors: @ministryoftheinterioruk

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