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Benefits of a Bidet Toilet

Bidets are hugely popular across much of mainland Europe, while in Japan an estimated 77.5% of people use a bidet toilet. Despite the bidet’s widely recognised list of benefits, the United Kingdom has been slow to cotton on to and accept this life-changing bathroom fixture, but that’s about to change thanks to Lusso’s Intellismart Toilet. 

Available among our stunning range of super-clean and stylish toilets, the Intellismart can transform not only your hygiene but everyday life too, all while remaining in-keeping with our bespoke range of stone basins, stone baths and bathroom taps.

The experts at Lusso have compiled some information on the benefits of a bidet toilet and why you should think about investing in an Intellismart for your home. 

Eco-Friendly Flushing

With a bidet toilet such as the Intellismart, you’re helping the environment by reducing the need for toilet paper. Not only does this paper require extra flushing to be disposed of as well as treatment in sewage plants before being broken down, but it also leads to further deforestation as trees are needed to produce the paper. 

In fact, it takes around 680 grams of wood to produce just one roll of toilet paper. 

More Hygienic Than Paper

If you’re unclean, you take a shower or run a bath. If you have dirty hands, then you wash them under a tap with soap… So why should toilet paper be sufficient when it comes to bathroom hygiene? 

Using water is far more hygienic than wiping with paper, leaving you feeling fresher and much, much cleaner. Bidet toilets effectively wash away dirt, sweat and material with a steady, fully controllable stream of water, eliminating the need for water, while many (such as the Intellismart) have a handy drying function to leave you feeling clean and comfortable.

Dermatologically Superior

No matter how soft or up-market your toilet paper, even the finest can irritate, as well as more problematic and invasive health issues. 

The abrasive composition of toilet paper coupled with areas of sensitive skin can soon become uncomfortable when you need to use the loo, a problem that’s eliminated by investing in an Intellismart. 

The level of cleanliness and feeling of comfort achieved when using a bidet toilet versus wiping with paper is unparalleled, and once you’ve made the switch, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. 

Ideal For Those with Mobility Issues

Bidet toilets are brilliant for individuals with mobility issues, where reaching for toilet paper or around the toilet bowl to clean can become problematic, uncomfortable and even potentially dangerous. 

Whether that’s concerning a senior citizen or a person with disabilities, the otherwise simple task of going to the toilet can be a painful and hazardous experience. A bidet toilet can afford a person with mobility issues more independence, and rather than struggling to wipe or needing assistance, a simple turn of a dial and press of a button close at hand will result in a comfortable and stress-free cleaning routine.

Reduces The Risk of Expensive Plumbing Issues

Many will have experienced the problem of a clogged toilet that can soon overflow and cause flooding issues as well as plumbing problems. With a bidet toilet, messy masses of toilet paper and furious plunging away is a thing of the past. 

Rather than shoving sheets and sheets of toilet paper into the system, toilets such as our Intellismart clean with a simple spray and flush; this eliminates the issue of toilet paper clogging up pipes and adding strain to public sewer systems and water treatment plants too. 

Cost-effective and Financially Friendly

After the initial investment in your Intellismart Toilet, you’re already set to start saving on finances. 

Depending on the size of your family and how regularly you use your toilet, you’re able to save hundreds of pounds each year (if not more) on toilet paper costs. What’s more, bidet toilet users report using up to 75% less toilet paper after their investment as opposed to prior. While this is great for your wallet, it’s even better for the environment and simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint by a substantial amount. 

Searching for more product information? Browse our full range of rimless toilets or read more about the benefits of our designs on the Lusso Stone blog.

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