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Cloakroom Ideas & Inspiration

If your home features a small unused space or simply exists as a place to stow away odds and ends, you could be sleeping on a fantastic opportunity that can add value to your property. 

Whether that’s a defunct utility room or a nook under the stairs, many homeowners are now realising the potential of these seemingly unassuming spaces, transforming them into both a functional and stylish addition to their property. 

So, how can you include a cloakroom in your home? The Lusso Stone team have put together a number of ideas that will help convert a cluttered or confusing area into a contemporary and practical everyday essential. 

Maximise the space at your disposal

Before setting out on any project, it’s important to assess the area that you’re working with to maximise the space to its full potential. 

Awkward recesses can be used to your advantage, instead of letting this space go to waste, why not install shelves for storage? This is especially useful around areas next to cisterns and pipes, rather than letting this space go to waste, shelving or cupboards can store the likes of toilet roll, toiletries and hand towels when not in use. 

Create something out of an awkward corner

Especially true in spaces under the stairs in which you have to contend with sloping ceilings, many people will have to tackle awkward corners when it comes to creating the perfect cloakroom. 

The good news is that, so long as there’s a waste pipe running nearby, you’re able to utilise this space by turning into a downstairs toilet. In areas where space is premium, it’s a good idea to save room wherever possible with the inclusion of ergonomic fittings.

The likes of Lusso’s Coco Carrara Marble Basin or our Stone Resin Wall Hung Compact Basin (pictured above) are ideal for areas where awkward corners leave you less room to play with.

Incorporate floating units and wall-hung fixtures

It makes sense that, in ordinarily smaller spaces, you’ll want to free up as much precious floor space as possible. 

One of the most efficient means of doing this is with the inclusion of floating units and fixtures where possible. Not only does this create more room, but it leaves a stylish and aesthetically pleasing finish that aids in creating a clean and contemporary space.

Stone basins such as our Art Stone Resin Wall Hung Basin and Modul Stone Resin Wall Hung Basin or the Ciro and Aria Vanity Unit (pictured above) give you all of the practicality and eye-pleasing finishes while taking up a fraction of the floor space. 

Think about your furnishings

It’s all well and good saving space on your fixtures and fittings, but the last thing you’ll want is to undo all of this hard work with the inclusion of some awkward, oversized furniture. 

Our advice is buy your furniture last when you know what space you have at your disposal following the installation of your fixtures and fittings. Yes, you might see a bargain buy or the ideal antique piece, but until you know it’ll fit, it always pays to wait and pick furniture in the right dimensions.

If you’re looking for more interior inspiration or the latest in stylish, bespoke bathroom fittings, don’t miss the Lusso Stone blog.

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