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Upgrading Your Kitchen in 2021

With many families unable to head abroad on holiday this year, there’s perhaps more money in the pot than usual for home renovations. Upgrading the kitchen is set to be a hugely popular project in 2021, with savings being used to switch up and update one of the most important and widely used rooms in the home.

But what 2021 kitchen trends are we set to see come the new year? The Lusso team have compiled some interior design ideas to help you stay ahead of the curve and upgrade your kitchen.

Dark Surfaces
Black never goes out of fashion, as they say, so incorporating dark surfaces into your kitchen is a no brainer when it comes to upgrading your decor.

Two-tone kitchens are set to become even more popular in 2021, and pairing darker surfaces with lighter coloured units and pops of colour on your walls work incredibly well together. Of course, if you’re opting for darker countertops, it makes sense to mirror this aesthetic in your kitchen sink and kitchen taps too.

Black and grey fittings are the obvious choices here, but if you’ve paired dark surfaces with rich tones around the rest of your kitchen, something bolder such as the likes of an eye-popping Brushed Gold Mixer Tap could prove to be the perfect finishing touch.

Stylish Simplicity
After such a hectic and complicated 2020, many will look to take a step back from the chaos and introduce some calm and serenity into their home with a simple yet stylish kitchen makeover.

If it’s stylish simplicity that you’re looking for, then nobody does it better than Lusso. With plenty of neutral tones and whites set to play a part in kitchen designs, as well as clean lines and unfussy contemporary finishes, you’ll be best off incorporating a contrasting sink and mixer into your space.

A fitting such as our Livello Matte Black Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Tap is the perfect accompaniment to the crisp whites of your worktops and units, or why not carry on the light tones with an opulent under-mount kitchen sink like our Louis Carrara Marble Polished Basin 800.

Two-Tone Designs
As aforementioned, two-tone kitchens are on the increase in popularity, so expect to see plenty more making an appearance in 2021. Rather than one uniform design, many are opting for the mix-match approach of a more visually stimulating two-tone space.

This approach usually involves two-tone cabinets and cupboards, with darker shades being reserved for your storage and lighter shades being used elsewhere across worktops, walls and fixtures.

Matching your kitchen tap to the accents of your cupboard and drawer handles is a great way to compliment the tones in your kitchen design to form one fluid, cohesive kitchen space.

Calming Colour Schemes
In yet another effort to take a step back from a somewhat chaotic year, calming colours will be widespread in plenty of 2021 kitchen designs. Leaving cabinetry colours darker while plumping for lighter shades of paint on the walls is a great way to add depth and drama to your kitchen, all while keeping things stylish and serene.

Pacifying palettes such as dusky pinks, gentle greens and even soft, neutral greys all work towards rewarding you with a calming kitchen space.

Statement Kitchen Taps
If you’re wanting to upgrade your kitchen in 2021, who’s to say that you have to change the entire room to freshen things up?

Instead, swapping out your taps can make a huge amount of difference to the aesthetics of your kitchen. Removing your ordinary-looking, old stainless steel taps for a bespoke Lusso model can make all of the difference to your home, creating an eye-catching new focal point in an instant.

Whether that’s our simple yet stylish Giro Single Lever Mixer Tap in Matte Black or a luxury take on a stainless steel design such as the stunning Livello Brushed Stainless Steel Pull Out Mixer Tap, incorporating a statement fitting can make your kitchen space feel completely different.

If you’re searching for more interior design advice and Lusso product information, head over to our blog page.

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