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Nature Inspired Bathrooms

It comes as no surprise that one of the biggest trends of 2021 is bringing the outdoors, in!  Following almost a year of us all spending a lot more time at home, interiors have started to reflect our desire to get back outside, with bathrooms, in particular, taking on a new nature-inspired aesthetic. At Lusso, this particular trend is one that we know our products are designed for. From the natural materials used to create our beautiful stone baths and basins, to our range of accessories perfectly crafted to give the illusion of a luxurious spa, it’s easy to create a space inspired by nature. 

We’ve asked our bathroom design team for their top picks for bringing the outdoors into your own bathroom.

What is a nature-inspired bathroom?

When we say nature-inspired we don’t just mean covering surfaces with house plants and wooden accessories. Instead, we’re looking at recreating the soothing, tranquil atmosphere that many feel when they’re immersed in the great outdoors. Luxury spas across the globe call on this feeling when creating their relaxation havens, evoking calming memories and ensuring the pamper session goes beyond just the physical. From the colours used in the decor to the smells and sense of peace that comes with minimalist design, there’s a lot that goes into getting back to nature!

Ground your style with matte black 

Our matte black range is the perfect choice for a nature-inspired bathroom, giving a sense of grounding to the space that is easily complimented by sleek, neutral decor and lush greenery. A statement matte black stone bath is the perfect choice for those looking to recreate the look of a high-end luxury spa, however, matte black bathroom accessories can also work to create the foundations of your natural bathroom. Coordinate your towel rail, toilet brush, soap dispensers and shelving to create a cool matte black aesthetic that’s guaranteed to stay in style. 

Sleeks lines create a statement piece

Keep things minimalistic and natural with angular lines to further enhance your nature-inspired bathroom. Our range of cube basins is a perfect choice for bringing a natural feel to your space, available in a wide range of sizes and finishes. Paired with matte black basin taps, a cube basin sits elegantly on a countertop to provide a real statement feature in a bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom. The feel of our cube basins is just as important as how they look, hand-finished to ensure a naturally smooth texture that’s luxurious to the touch. 

Open your bathroom to luxury

Of course, no nature-inspired bathroom would be complete without creating that all-important sense of openness. When our customers ask us to create a bespoke shower for them, one of the key things they want to recreate is the feeling of optimal luxury that comes from a walk-in enclosure. Paired with a waterfall shower head, you simply need to close your eyes and be transported to your favourite exotic 5* resort. Our shower enclosures are available in a range of sizes and finishes, including our effortlessly elegant matte black collection that’s perfect for any contemporary space. 

Awaken all of your senses

Once you have the foundations of a  nature-inspired bathroom, the next step is to bring in all of the finishing touches you need to really seal the deal. Plants are a great way to bring in elements of the outdoors, providing a flash of much-needed colour and also helping to purify the air. Look for lush green plants such as aloe vera that will thrive in a bathroom environment, we’ve put together a guide to creating a botanical-inspired bathroom for anyone looking for more inspiration! Finally, a selection of scented candles or essential oils is a must in your new bathroom space, opt for relaxing scents such as lavender or jasmine for the ultimate luxury experience. 

While we’re all making the most of our time indoors, why not let Lusso help you create your dream space? Get in touch with the team today. 

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