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Bathroom Organisation Tips & Advice

A new year is often an excuse to revamp and rejuvenate the home, out with the old and in with the new. The bathroom is one space in the home that is often overlooked when it comes to reorganisation, but we’ve asked our experts how small changes and additions can help you create the perfect modern, minimalist haven with no clutter in sight!

Ready? Let’s get organised.

Whether you have ample space or your bathroom is more on the compact side, clever storage solutions can help ensure you can maximise space and also keep your bathroom looking on-trend. Under-sink vanity units are a perfect choice for a bathroom of any size, not only do they make use of space that would otherwise have been wasted, they ensure you have enough storage to hide away toiletries, cleaning products and other bathroom essentials. At Lusso, our range of vanity units includes wall-hung designs with integrated basins, a fantastic way to save space while adding storage. The Volini range is one of our most popular company vanity unit options, available in an array of finishes to suit all decor styles. 

Another way to really get organised in the bathroom is by looking at multifunctional storage options. Wicker is one of the most popular choices for the bathroom, bringing in natural material to the space while evoking Scandi-chic design. Wicker laundry or towel baskets are ideal for hiding unwanted clutter in the bathroom and look beautiful paired with striking white bathroom features such as our stone baths and basins. Opt for a basket with a firm flat lid that can be used for decorative purposes such as displaying lotions, hand towels or other bathroom decor. 

It’s easy for bathroom countertops to become messy, especially if your bathroom is used by the whole family! A chic way to display items while also keeping things in order is glass jars. Effortlessly stylish, glass jars work perfectly with all bathroom decor choices and if you choose to upcycle your own mason jars, it’s a sustainable decor feature that will instantly elevate your space. As you know, it’s often the smallest items in the bathroom that cause the most clutter so using these stylish glass jars will create a focal point and put a stop to the mess!

If you’re running out of floor space for storage, opt for sleek wall-hung options like our minimalistic Lusso Qube storage shelves. Not only do these shelves add additional space to store toiletries and other essentials, but they also work perfectly in any size bathroom. Pair with a striking bathroom mirror to add light into the room and to create a decorative focal point in your bathroom. 

A great way to approach organising your bathroom is to ensure everything has a purpose and isn’t just collecting dust. Decorative items should be stylish but functional, for example, elegant soap dispensers and dishes to match your chosen bathroom style or indoor plants to help cleanse the air and bring colour into your space. It’s easy to overload a bathroom with ornaments and other decorative items but to truly create a peaceful, spa-like retreat for 2021, it’s all about careful minimalism.

For more expert bathroom tips, why not take a look at our guide to creating a relaxing bathroom?

At Lusso, our range of stylish bathroom storage and accessories is designed to fit seamlessly with our luxury stone baths, basins and showers. From vanity units and countertops to towel rails and shelving, we have everything you need to create a hotel-luxe bathroom in your own home. 

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