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2021 Bathroom Trends Predictions

As we end the year and look forward to 2021, we take a look at some of the up and coming bathroom trends that are set to be big news in the coming year. From home sanctuaries to sustainability, 2021 is set to bring with it a whole host of sought after looks for bathroom design. 

Trend 1 – Expansion

When it comes to upsizing in 2021, it’s predicted that many will put off moving, in favour of expanding their current homes. Extensions are set to be big next year, with many homeowners choosing to extend their properties in a bid to add extra space to their homes. 

One area of the home which many are looking to add that extra space to is the bathroom. Bathrooms in the UK are often much smaller than other rooms in the home, but many are now shifting focus to this particular area, as we spend more time enjoying a relaxing bath after a long day. 

Trend 2 – Sanctuary Feel

As we begin to shift focus more towards this area of our homes, it’s no surprise that many are looking to turn their bathrooms into sanctuaries of relaxation. 2020 has been a stressful year for most of us, so creating a space dedicated to calmness and tranquillity is set to be an important factor for any updating their bathrooms.

Another reason for creating an at-home sanctuary is the rise in people wanting to turn their homes into something that offers luxury as opposed to just functionality. Over the past few months, spending extra time indoors has allowed us to become more appreciative of our homes, with many wanting to upgrade their space into something that not only looks good but feels good too. 

Trend 3 – Home Spa

With this luxury in mind, it’s also expected that homeowners will be looking to create their very own home spas in 2021. With less of us being able to enjoy the benefits of a spa retreat, we’re turning to our bathrooms for comfort and relaxation. 

When it comes to bathroom renovations next year, spa-like designs will be key, focusing on elements that offer relaxing properties to give us that tranquil feeling which many of us need after what’s been a hugely stressful year. Our guide on how to create a relaxing bathroom delves into this in more detail.

Trend 4 – Wellness 

As we spend more time focusing on self-care, it’s expected that interiors which aid our wellbeing will be big in 2021. Designs that help us relax, unwind and de-stress will be a key consideration next year, with more of us focusing on looking after our mental well-being. 

From natural light to nature-inspired designs, updating your interiors can be a change that affects more than just the look of your home. Our guide on Wellness Interior Design looks into this further, with advice on creating your at-home haven. 

Trend 5 – Sustainable Design

The rise in demand for sustainable design has soared in recent months and this is set to continue throughout 2021 and beyond. Many are now foregoing cheap options for longer-lasting, higher quality alternatives. Creating a more sustainable home will be a huge must-have next year and this includes our bathrooms. 

Stone baths are a great choice for those searching for a highly durable design. Made without plastic or acrylic and offering a long-lasting result, stone resin baths offer a number of sustainability benefits

Trend 6 – Nature

Having spent more time enjoying the natural outdoors during 2020, many of us have fallen in love with nature this year and this is something that will be seen in our decor choices. Bringing the outdoors in with plants, flowers and nature-inspired designs will be big in 2021 as we aim to try and introduce our new-found love into our homes. 

Trend 7 – Hygiene

2020 was the year we took cleanliness and hygiene to new levels and it’s predicted that this will influence our interior choices going forward. Designs which take into consideration hygiene and cleanliness will be must-haves for 2021. Many will be searching for products which are easier to clean or are less likely to harbour bacteria to help maintain a hygienic home. 

This is something, we at Lusso, have integrated into our latest designs. Our Intellismart toilets include features that allow for extra levels of hygienic performance. From the rimless bowl to the rear wash, these remote-controlled luxury toilets are the pinnacle of hygienic design. 

For further design inspiration for your bathroom, take a look through our range of luxury designs. From stunning rose gold taps and floor standing bath taps to contemporary stone wall hung basins, we offer a truly high-end selection of bathroom products. 

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