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Sustainability of Stone Baths

Stone baths not only look superb in your bathroom space, but they’re also incredibly hardwearing and sustainable too, meaning while you relax in your stunning new tub, you can be content that you’re doing your bit for the planet too. 

To inform you of the virtues of our stone resin baths, the Lusso Stone team have put together some need-to-know info on how our baths are made and just how they’re so sustainable. 

How are our stone resin baths made?

We use a blend unique to Lusso Stone, combining pure white limestone with a high-performance resin before each bathtub is hand-finished by our team of experienced craftspeople. 

The carefully quarried limestone that we use is naturally formed, painstakingly selected and meticulously cleaned for the utmost purity before being ground into a fine powder and readied for the clear resin that truly allows the stone to shine. 

What’s more, our stone is a completely renewable material, so any wear or damage can be easily and effectively repaired to restore the bath to near-new condition. This, in turn, means that a Lusso Stone bath is far less impactful on the environment, something you can take solace in while you enjoy a soak in your premium quality tub. 

Why choose a stone bath?

A stone bath will always be the superior choice over a regular acrylic tub, but are they worth the extra investment? 

In short, yes! Stone baths are far more durable and long-lasting than their acrylic counterparts, so you’ll have a decreased chance of damaging them and also have to replace them less – if at all. However, should you manage to damage a stone bath, it’s single mould design means that scratches and scuffs can be simply polished and buffed away without the fuss of replacing panels.

Stone resin baths also retain their warmth around ten times better than an acrylic bathtub. They enjoy increased heat retention thanks to their thick and robust composition which clings on to every bit of warmth, allowing you to enjoy your nice hot bath for longer periods. 

Will a stone bath fit my bathroom space?

Our Lusso Stone baths, as well as our extensive range of basins, shelves and vanity units, can be made to measure via our bespoke design service. 

Rather than struggling to squeeze a bog-standard tub into your bathroom, our stone baths can be intricately fit to make the most out of the room at your disposal, allowing you to enjoy all the virtues of a stone bath without sacrificing precious floor space and storage options. 

If you’re searching for more up-to-date information and Lusso Stone product advice, check out our blog page where you’ll find everything from inspirational projects to brand new bathroom collections.

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