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Disposing of Your Old Bathroom Suite

Getting a new bathroom is an exciting affair, but it does raise the potentially difficult task of disposing of your old bathroom suite. The temptation for many is to fly-tip, an action that’s strongly advised against wherever you live. 

Dumping your rubbish and waste in public areas is not only unsightly, but it can also be incredibly dangerous to pedestrians, road goers and the local wildlife too – not to mention if it still falls to somebody else to clear up the mess. 

Instead of chucking your old suite to the side of a street, leaving it in an alleyway or likewise, why not encourage responsibility and caring about the planet? Our recommended means of doing this? Either recycling or repurposing your bathroom suite. 

Recycling your bathroom suite

Recycling your suite at a local recycling centre or facility is a brilliant way to ensure that your old fixtures and fittings don’t fall into the wrong place, and are instead recycled to be used elsewhere. 

You’re able to check with your local council via phone or their website to find out the location of your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre, as well as important information such as: 

  • If there’s a disposal charge, and whether this is weight-based 
  • Whether any special permission or ID is required for van drivers 
  • The centre’s opening hours
  • If you need to book a slot
  • Whether the council can collect larger, bulky items

Should you recycle the likes of sinks, basins and baths, you must first ensure that any taps and other metal fixtures are removed and separated. These can be sold on or even traded to your local scrap metal dealer.

Repurposing your bathroom suite

Rather than rip out and replace the full suite, why not repurpose what you can with the addition of new fixtures and accessories? 

Acrylic bathtubs often crack or discolour, while the same can be said for porcelain sinks and basins. These are among the most common reasons for people choosing to replace their bathroom suite. 

Instead, you’re able to replace your tub and basins, saving money in the long run and switching up the appearance of your bathroom. Our Lusso Stone baths, basins and vanity units are the ideal means of switching up your bathroom space’s appearance without carrying out tons of work. 

Able to be made to measure and available in a range of styles and finishes, they can have a dramatic effect on your bathroom decor without replacing every aspect of the room. These changes, along with simple additions such as new linens and plants, are a fantastic means of repurposing your space while also saving time, money and effort. 

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