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Lusso X Wonderful You – Real Bathroom Transformation

We love seeing our products featured in real bathroom renovations, especially when they turn out as stylish as this project by Wonderful You! With the toilet, sink, basin taps, bath taps, shower enclosure and shower kit all supplied by Lusso, this stunning transformation is the epitome of modern style.

Moving into an old Victorian house, we knew we’d come up against issues. However we didn’t realise just how poorly the previous owners had maintained it. With every small fix has come a huge job. Undoing the shoddy work done prior and trying to make it good in the process has been expensive. With that being said, it’s taken us a long time to save for the bathroom. But we knew we wanted it done properly and didn’t want to cut any corners to get the finished result. It’s our first complete renovation of a room and boy was it an experience!

The finished product is a showcase of minimalist style that still manages to offer the functionality and practicality needed in a busy family bathroom. The classic combination of our warm, brushed gold features strike perfectly with the cool matte black shower screen while our stone basin looks right at home next to the matching sleek Lusso toilet. Take a look at the full gallery below or visit Wonderful You’s full bathroom renovation blog for more details on how she achieved her dream space!

Would you like to feature your Lusso bathroom renovation on our blog? We’re always looking to find stylish transformations to share with our readers, get in touch with the Lusso team to discuss your project and your modern bathroom could be our next feature.

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