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How To Create An Industrial Style Bathroom

The industrial design trend has proved that it’s not going anywhere, with decor enthusiasts across the globe embracing this cool aesthetic. Exposed brick, repurposed furniture and carefully selected accessories all combine to create a style that’s ideal for both modern and traditional bathrooms. The bathroom is the perfect place to inject some industrial style into the home, whether it’s through a complete overhaul or through some stylish curated accessories. If you’ve picked an industrial decor style for other rooms in the home, an industrial bathroom is a great way to complement your choices. Just like we discussed in our guide to matching your en-suite to your bathroom, it’s all about finding those beautiful accent features to amplify the style. 

In this guide, our bathroom style experts will look at how to create an industrial-style bathroom, from the perfect furniture pieces to those all-important finishing touches.

What is industrial style?

Industrial decor is heavily influenced by former warehouse buildings that have been converted to domestic settings. Bare brick walls, lighting and furniture choices all combine to create a style that’s effortlessly cool, yet still soft enough to work in the home. Key materials include reclaimed wood, copper piping, marble and stone, enhanced by metallic aspects, gunmetal and matte black finishes.

How can I add industrial style to the bathroom?

The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in the home and one that should absolutely reflect your personal style. Classic elements include bright light, tiled floors, exposed brick walls and the all-important freestanding stone bath. If space allows, a walk-in shower combined with freestanding taps will finish the look perfectly. 

Of course, not everyone has a bathroom that boasts the original features needed to really nail the industrial vibe. In this case, some creative decorating always comes in handy! Tiled walls are an obvious choice, especially the popular subway style tiles that create a fantastic base for your decor project. If wallpaper is more your thing, a classic exposed brick or stone pattern will give the ideal industrial illusion. 

Lighting is another important element of the industrial aesthetic. Bright light should combat the darker elements of the decor style but if you’re missing the giant windows and high ceilings, you can create the look with clever lighting placement. Spotlights and hidden strip lights that enhance your furniture choices are ideal here, as are multifunctional pieces such as mirrors with LED lighting to add additional brightness. 

Lusso Expert Picks – Industrial Bathrooms

Now you have your industrial base, it’s time to start building your bathroom. We’ve asked our bathroom style experts for their must-have picks, from baths to basins and everything in between.

“Matte black is key for any industrial setting, so we would definitely recommend switching outdated taps and hardware to a sleek black option. Our collection includes everything from basin taps to shower screens, making it easy to create a cohesive theme throughout your space. The black accents also work perfectly against the natural materials used in industrial decor”

“Your bath should be the focal point of your bathroom and although we may be biased, a freestanding stone bath is the ultimate statement piece. Accentuate your bath with hardware in either matte black, rose gold or brushed gold to give it an industrial edge or opt for one of our matte black baths to really nail the trend”

“Natural materials should be embraced as much as possible and a wood vanity unit is a great way to add both style and practical storage to your space. Paired with a striking stone basin, the vanity unit is the ideal place to showcase decorative elements that tie in with your new theme”

Are you a fan of the industrial aesthetic? We can help you create the perfect industrial inspired bathroom, whether you’re working with a small or large space. Speak to a member of the Lusso team today to find out how we can elevate your interiors in style.

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