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Incorporating Wood Into A Bathroom

Wood is one of the most authentic materials to add to your home, exuding warmth, texture and timeless style. Adding wood to the bathroom can bring a sense of natural sophistication to your space, whether it’s through the furniture choices you made, the flooring or by adding wood accessories to your counter space. In the past, adding wood to a room with moisture was a recipe for disaster, luckily new technology has allowed us to create wood materials that are perfectly suited to bathrooms, cloakrooms and en-suites. In this blog, we’re going to look at how to incorporate wood into a bathroom and let our experts pick their favourite wood finish Lusso products to create a space that’s effortlessly ‘luxe’.

How to add wood in a bathroom

When used responsibly, wood is an eco-friendly option for all types of bathrooms and one of the most common ways to incorporate it into your space is through wood flooring. Hardwood floors are becoming increasingly popular and they perform surprisingly well in humid environments if properly cared for.

If you prefer to add wood through your bathroom fixtures and fittings, we’ve got you covered. Our stylish freestanding vanity units are manufactured using mountainside real oak veneer and finished in grey oak with a 10% sheen. Our experts recommend both the Lusso Claridge and the Lusso Dorchester vanity units as statement additions to your interior. Both work beautifully in both modern and classic spaces, offering elegant counter space as well as generous storage capacity for bathroom essentials. Take a closer look at the Dorchester freestanding vanity unit below. 

Those all-important finishing touches can be made with more beautifully crafted oak pieces such as our stunning range of oak mirrors. Perfectly placed above a vanity unit or basin, these mirrors instantly evoke warmth and style, bringing the whole aesthetic together while boosting the light in your space

How to waterproof wood in a bathroom

If you’re planning on adding wood flooring to your space we advise applying several coats of oil-based polyurethane and ensuring all cracks between the boards are filled to create a strong waterproof seal.

How to care for wood in a bathroom

As wood is a natural product, variations in the colour or grain are not flaws, instead, they highlight the materials wonderfully natural composition. Of course, once you add wood pieces to your home you’re going to want to ensure that they stay looking this beautiful, so aftercare is key! Wood vanity units, countertops or floors should never be covered with pools of water or exposed to excessive moisture for too long. If you do notice a pool, wipe it up straight away using a soft dry cloth. Chemicals such as perfumes, hair dyes or harsh cleaning chemicals should also be kept away from wood surfaces, or removed straight away if there is a spillage. 

If your wood furniture becomes scratched or scuffed, reseal as soon as you notice to prevent any further damage.

How to clean wood in a bathroom

If you keep on top of your bathroom cleaning process, your wood pieces will look as good as new for a long time. Remember not to use any cleaning products that are abrasive or acidic, you should also avoid any cleaners that contain grease or solvents. Check the bottle of any cleaning solution you use to ensure that it is suitable for wood before you start – we also recommend testing it out on a small, hidden patch before you clean the whole thing. A soft, clean cloth should be enough to remove watermarks and soap residue, simply wipe the marks away and finish by drying with a microfibre cloth. 

What type of wood to use in a bathroom

Adding wood furniture of flooring to the bathroom is all well and good, but how can you make sure you’re choosing the right wood for the job. We asked our bathroom experts!

“The wood you choose needs to naturally cope well in wet conditions while also looking the part in your space. At Lusso, we tend to use oak when creating bathroom furniture as it is incredibly hardy and has a tight grain. Teal and bamboo are also great options for this reason and work great for countertops and flooring. Softer woods are not ideal for bathrooms as they will absorb too much moisture”

Wood is a fantastic choice for any modern or classic interior and at Lusso, we’re here to help you find the perfect pieces to elevate your home. From countertops to mirrors and everything in between, get in touch with our team to start creating your dream bathroom today.

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